Yazd University

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University Blvd, Safayieh 741, Iran

关于 Yazd University

Founded in 1976, Yazd University is a non-profit public institution located in the Iranian city and province of the same name. The institution offers degrees in electrical, mining and metallurgical, civil, mechanical, computer, industrial, textile, chemical and polymer engineering; economics, management, accounting, social sciences, languages and literature, psychology and educational sciences, theology, geography, law and political sciences; physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, geology; environmental sciences. In addition, the especially respected School of Art and Architecture offers degrees in painting, art, urban planning and architecture.

You can enroll at Yazd University by passing an admissions exam.

Yazd University covers an area of 380 hectares which spreads across the city of Yazd, with a population of 500,000, as well as Saduq, Hamidiya, Zarach and Shahediyeh. The city of Yazd has a splendid unique architecture adapted to the desert surroundings. Its Zoroastrian fire temples, Jame Mosque with Persian mosaics and the highest minarets in the country, its wind towers and silk weaving have made the name of this city. Yazd is also one of the few big cities built of adobe.

Yazd is formally affiliated with the Islamic faith.

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