University of Diyala

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2020 Impact Rankings: 气候行动
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Almuradia, Baquba, Iraq

关于 University of Diyala

The University of Diyala is located in Baqubah, in Eastern Iraq’s Diyala Province. The city is approximately 30 miles north east of Baghdad, along the Diyala River.

The university was established in 1999. The Diyala Province is regarded as having the oldest agricultural land in the world, as well as some of the rarest monuments in Iraq.

The university focuses on a combination of theoretical and practical teaching to offer students the best quality education for future employment.

The college of engineering and college of education and basic education were the first colleges to be established at the university.

This has since expanded to cover 14 colleges in total. From basic education to law to agriculture, students have a range of courses to choose from in humanities, sciences, education, agriculture, economics and medicine. Students also have access to several resources and facilities to enhance their studies, such as the internet and computer centre, health centre, information unit and the scientific office.

Historically, Baqubah served as a stopping point on the Khorasan Road. Its situation along the road and rail routes between Iran and Baghdad make it a centre of agricultural trading. It has also been known for its orange and date orchards, which are some of the regions most exported food goods. It also includes the preservation of the oldest sports stadiums Iraq.

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