Rogers State University

1701 W. Will Rogers Blvd., Claremore, Oklahoma, 74017, United States

关于 Rogers State University

Rogers State University (RSU) can trace its history back to the founding of the Eastern University Preparatory School in 1909 in the city of Claremore, Oklahoma. The school closed in 1917 but re-opened two years later as the Oklahoma Military Academy providing high school and junior college level education to members of the United States armed forces. During the 1960s increasing public opposition to the Vietnam War saw a fall in enrolment and in 1971 the academy became a civilian junior college providing two-year associate degree programs. Enrolment grew quickly and in 1982 the college changed its name to Rogers State University after the county it served. In 2000 RSU gained accreditation and became a public, four-year residential liberal arts university. Enrolment has continued to grow apace, 70 per cent since accreditation making RSU the fastest-growing university in the state of Oklahoma.

The University has over 4,000 students studying undergraduate degrees, both four-year bachelor’s degrees and two-year associate degrees and has an MBA program at the graduate level. The university awards bachelor’s degrees in almost 20 disciplines as well as a number of associate degrees and around 30 minors. As of 2014 the college offers a graduate degree program in the form of a Master of Business Administration.

The university’s main campus occupies College Hill overlooking the city of Claremore on land purchased by the citizens of Claremore with $3,000 dollars they raised for the purpose of founding an educational establishment. The university’s oldest building, Preparatory Hall, features a grand golden dome and remains the centre of the campus. RSU also has campuses in Bartlesville, Oklahoma and Pryor Creek, Oklahoma.