National Chiayi University

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No.300 Syuefu Road, Chiayi City, 60004, Taiwan

关于 National Chiayi University

Established in 2000 as a result of a merger between National Chiayi Institute of Technology (NCIT) and National Chiayi Teacher’s College (NCTC), the National Chiayi University (NCYU) is one of the few institutions in southern Taiwan to offer a full range of study options. NCYU is one of the oldest and largest universities in the southern part of Taiwan.

Students can choose from many disciplines including education, humanities and arts, science and engineering, management, agriculture and life sciences. There are seven colleges, with seven doctoral programmes, 39 full-time master’s programmes, 12 part-time master’s programmes and 41 undergraduate programmes.

There are four university campuses and a 117-hectare experimental forest at NCYU.

The main one is the Lantan Campus, located between the Orchid Lake and Jenyi Reservoir, and is home to the colleges of agriculture, life sciences and science and engineering. There is also several laboratories, ranches, livestock farms and a veterinary hospital. Recreational facilities include a stadium, sports field, swimming pool and gym.

The Minghsiung Campus is in a town of the same name, approximately 20km from Chiayi. The college of humanities and arts and the teachers college are based here, as well as a library, swimming pool, stadium, concert hall, pond and park.

Situated in the centre of Chiayi City, the Hsinming Campus is the home of the college of management, while the Division of Continuing and Extension Education is based at the Linsen Campus (also in Chiayi City). Much like the other sites, Linsen has a sports field, pool, music room, computer labs and student dormitories.

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  • 12,219
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