Qassim University

2020 Impact Rankings
2020 Impact Rankings: 良好健康与福祉
2020 Impact Rankings: 性别平等
North of Prince Nayef Airport, Almulyda, Qaseem, Saudi Arabia

关于 Qassim University

Situated near an airport, Qassim University has merged and developed over recent years to build a strong institution. It was established in 2004.

The main campus is located in the middle of the Al-Qassim province in Al-Milda. Other smaller campuses are located in Unaizah and south of Buraydah

Courses start at foundation level and go all the way up to postgraduate studies. The institution has broken six core elements: Colleges of Sharia and Islamic Studies; Community Colleges; Colleges of Humanities and Arabic Studies; Colleges of Science and Arts; Colleges of Engineering and Science and Colleges of Health. There are some 36 colleges in total within these areas of study.

The university also includes nine women's colleges with scientific, literary, educational and rehabilitative programmes.

The university adheres to traditional Islamic values, with a culturally diverse student population. Students are encouraged to set up their own groups and clubs. The majority of groups focus around academic interests and sports, with a few social groups now emerging.

Qassim University focuses its research on scientific development and works together with other universities to promote advances within the field. They have a vast amount of published research which covers medical advancements, science management and genetically engineered probiotics to name a few.

For international students, there are a range of scholarships that can support students to study at this institution. Scholarships aim to attract scientifically distinguished students to achieve and enrich scientific research.

Students are also given the opportunity to learn the Arabic language while at the university.

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