Leeds Trinity University

Brownberrie Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS18 5HD, United Kingdom

关于 Leeds Trinity University

Initially established to train teachers for Catholic schools, Leads Trinity University became a university college in 2009 and gained the full university status in 2012.

The university offers courses in many different disciplines ranging from accounting, law, education, photography and many others. Courses are taught at undergraduate and graduate levels. The university is a leading institution of higher education in humanities and is an active member of the Cathedral group.

The university is also popular for its strong networks with local businesses and its partnership with the media including the BBC. Leeds Trinity University has produced a cohort of successful leaders and TV presenters. Notable alumni include right activists, Irish presidential candidate, political leaders, novelist, CNN journalists and popular writers. These include author Dorothy Koomson, CNN journalist Stephanie Busari and TV and film director Julian Jarrold.

The university also has a beautiful campus which includes eight halls of residence, a 24-hour library, laboratories, media centre, football pitches, tennis courts and running tracks.

In line with its philosophy of considering students “a name, not a number”, the university provides students with small classes and a close-knit community campus.

The university also has an active student union. The union regularly organises several events, activities and festivals through its cohort of student clubs. Karaoke nights, Fresher’s Week events and the graduation ball are some of the popular events organised by the union.

Issues of mental health, general well-being and counselling support are also actively being addressed by the union.

Recently, the university has been actively promoting and strengthening its research abilities.

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