Federal University of Tocantins

2020 南美周大学排名
Quadra 109 Norte NS-15 Avenue, ALCNO-14, Coqueiro, Para, 77001-090, Brazil

关于 Federal University of Tocantins

The Federal University of Tocantins was founded in 2000. It is one of the leading higher education institutions in Brazil in terms of implementing quotas for indigenous students in the selection process.

The university is located in Tocantins, central Brazil. Tocantins is the newest of the 26 Brazilian states that were established in 1988. Its location in a transition zone between the Amazon rainforest and the Brazilian Savanna, the Cerrado, makes it an area of rich natural beauty. Students studying at the university can make the most of these beautiful outdoor spaces while experiencing the Brazilian culture first hand.

The university has seven campuses spread across the state of Tocantins. These include Araguaína, Arraias, Gurupi, Miracema, Palmas, Porto Nacional and Tocantinópolis. Each campus is fully equipped with specialist laboratories, libraries, auditoriums, classrooms and social spaces.

The university offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programmes. There are more than 50 undergraduate courses, 31 masters courses and six doctorates available for students to study.

In addition to classroom studies, students are given the opportunity to participate in various projects within the local community. These include teaching and tutoring programmes, scientific research, and event organising. These activities are designed to enrich the academic experience of the students.

At the heart of the university are six main values: respect for life and diversity, transparency, commitment to quality, creativity and innovation, social responsibility, and equality. The university uses these values in its mission to train qualified citizens and professionals, committed to the sustainable development of the Amazon.

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