Full house for your latest Zoom meeting? Bingo!

Still on mute? Then let’s begin, says Emma Rees

七月 22, 2020
Lady playing bingo
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University staff have, since lockdown began, attended on average 64.1 per cent more meetings1 than over the same period last year. Whether on Zoom or on Microsoft Teams, these meetings cover a range of topics, but every single one of them2 features at least one of the entries on this handy, cut-out-and-keep bingo card. Our spotter’s compendium has been scientifically3 designed to keep your spirits up4 through any remaining exam boards or planning meetings, right through to the start of the next academic year.

You’re welcome.

Your handy, cut-out-and-keep bingo card: click image for larger version

Emma Rees is professor of literature and gender studies at the University of Chester, where she is director of the Institute of Gender Studies.


1 Source: none to speak of.

2 Unverified claim.

3 I was mowing the lawn and it came to me.

4 Particularly long meeting? It doubles as a drinking game.

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4月 30日

Reader's comments (6)

Love it :-) Additional Suggestions could also include * Advance excuses proffered for (a) unsupervised roaming child/children or (b) imminent Amazon* delivery * Colleagues talking over each other * Cats bombing the keyboard * Muted and invisible colleagues who are apparently "logged in" :-)
Outstanding suggestions!
Thanks Emma Rees what a fantastic idea and will bring some humour to some very dry Zoom meetings. I’m going to share it with our programme team next week!
Thanks, Lyndsey!
Really excellent, I love 'Rictus grin of farewell while desperately seeking the "leave meeting" button', absolutely classic
Thanks- made me smile and I'm normally so grumpy!