Who's in, who's out?

十月 20, 2006


Peter Rolf Lutzeier is both excited and daunted by his appointment as pro vice-chancellor for teaching and learning at Hull University.

There may not be a word to describe these seemingly conflicting feelings, but, if there were, Professor Lutzeier would be sure to know it. In his new post, he will continue research he began at Surrey University into single words that have opposite meanings. An example he gives is "dusting", as in dusting a shelf and dusting a cake.

He said: "There is no name for this in English, but I call these words 'antagonisms'."


Raphael Cohen-Almagor , professor of politics, joins from the University of Haifa.

Simon Kerr , creative writing lecturer and author, joins from Leeds University.

Soren Overgaard, Research Councils UK fellow in philosophy, joins from the University of Copenhagen.

Janet Clare , professor of renaissance literature, joins from University College Dublin.


Angela Leighton has left the English department for a post at Cambridge University.

Hannah Smith , RCUK fellow in history, has left for a post at Oxford University.

Gabriele Griffin has left to join the Centre for Women's Studies, York University.

Kai-Kit Wong has joined University College London as a senior lecturer.



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