Education for sustainable development


Education for sustainable development provides an opportunity for dialogue between the present and the future. Through education, higher education will change future life to move the vision onwards.

Therefore, we are accelerating our project, “Towards NCKU 2030: Establish a decentralized campus and cultivate talents for future cross-domain issues”. NCKU breaks through the standard education framework and uses its Sustainable Development Strategic Principles (SDSP) curriculum to provide students with a freer learning environment. The SDSP curriculum enables NCKU to educate without borders between disciplines.

In the future, SDSP classes will concentrate on sustainable development issues such as climate change, food shortage, war and climate refugees, security issues, etc, and will develop the future talents of NCKU to have the insight and practical ability to challenge global issues.


NCKU's Sustainable Development Strategic Principles


Improving the welfare of the people

Apart from incubating future talents, NCKU also responds to the changes necessary for sustainable development to occur in the future. In accordance with a changing social environment, health resources on campus are extended out into the community to meet the elderly’s needs and combat environmental diseases.


Innovating to expedite growth to prosperity

Through its R&D resources, NCKU has been pushing the frontiers of technological development, cultivating innovative leaders across fields and incubating pioneering enterprises and leaders in Taiwan and the world alike. Besides establishing its leadership basis in global academia, NCKU incorporates “humanistic literacy” to promote the inclusion of equity and innovation in society, so that each and every one can find their own position and take action in an ideal future life.


Designing an inclusive, sustainable planet

Situated at the heart of Tainan City, NCKU embraces the city with an open campus, becoming one of a kind among universities in Taiwan. It has become embedded in the daily life of the local community through sharing resources and by its inclusive interaction with local environmental development.


Respecting diversity for the promotion of peace

NCKU demonstrates peacefully its efficiency in handling risks in real-time and inclusiveness amid times of change globally. At its heart is cross-disciplinary cooperation at home and cross-region collaboration abroad, the exchange expansion in the South-east Asian region and accident management.


Interdisciplinary development in partnership

Upholding the vision of the sustainable development talent pool in Asia, NCKU proactively expands international alliances and takes part in bilateral/multilateral conferences and transnational cooperation agreements, all of which are in line with SDG 17, Global Partnerships. The goal emphasises that only through partnerships across sectors can we expedite the fulfilment of the 2030 Agenda.

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