University of Cagliari

2019 世界大学排名
2018 European Teaching Rankings
Via Università, 40, Cagliari, 09124, Italy

关于 University of Cagliari

Founded in 1606 as the Studium Generalis Kalaritanum, the University of Cagliari is based on the old Spanish universities of Salamanca, Valladolid and Lorida. The classes originally offered were law, Latin, Greek and Hebrew literature, the liberal arts, medicine, surgery, philosophy and science. However, during the 18th century, Sardinia, under the rule of the House of Savoy government, significantly modified the university statute with the expansion of the science faculties and institutes. The new university building was designed by the Piedmontese engineer Saverio Belgrano di Farnolasco and was completed at the end of the 18th century. Today it holds the rectorate and the administrative offices. The 19th and 20th centuries saw a greater emphasis put on research activities and the achievement of internationally acclaimed results. The University of Cagliari is a public university. It is one of the largest enterprises in the region of Sardinia due to its international policy and studies, and its numerous agreements with prestigious universities throughout Europe and the world. The university consists of the following faculties: Economics, Law and Political Sciences; Engineering and Architecture; Humanities; Medicine and Surgery; Biology and Pharmacy; and Sciences. There are excellent student facilities including halls of residence, canteens, libraries, sports facilities and museums.

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  • 24.0
  • 2%
  • 59 : 41
  • 27,885
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