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Symbiosis International University

2023 世界大学排名
2022 Impact Rankings
2022 年轻大学排名
Lavale, Mulshi, Pune, 412115, India

关于 Symbiosis International University

Overview- Symbiosis International (Deemed University) SIU

Symbiosis International (Deemed University) (SIU) is a multi-disciplinary, multicultural  university offering its students and faculty a vibrant learning ecosystem. Established in 1971 by Prof. Dr. S.B. Mujumdar, it is a ‘home away from home’ for International students. SIU has 37 Constituents, Research Centres and 11 Departments of Skills & Continuing Education in 6 cities epitomizing the Symbiosis vision, 'Promoting International Understanding through Quality Education' and a beehive of international students from all across the globe, being privy to Indian culture and hospitality. The University offers doctoral, post graduate, under graduate, diploma and certificate programmes in Law, Management, Computer Studies, Health Sciences, Media & Communication, Humanities & Social Sciences, Engineering and Architecture & Design. SIU has recently established Symbiosis Medical College for Women, the first Residential Medical College exclusively for girls in the State of Maharashtra offering free medical education / free ships to 5 top bright girls every year. The 900 bedded Symbiosis University Hospital & Research Centre attached to this medical college provides free treatment and quality healthcare to the neighbouring villages and the community. https://smcw.edu.in/

Internationalization @ SIU

“The Symbiosis Centre for International Education (SCIE)” ( https://www.scie.ac.in/  ), is centralised office for promoting internationalisation aspiring to offer educational opportunities  and international exposure to its faculty, staff and students. The Symbiosis International Cultural Centre (SICC) was established in 1971 and organizes a variety of activities, where international students are able to meet on a common platform and display their talents https://www.scie.ac.in/events. SIU attracts students from 85 countries. The admissions department (https://www.scie.ac.in/admission-overview-for-international-students) has adapted an online application procedure for international students. Scholarships are offered to meritorious students to pursue their studies at SIU. The student relations department https://www.scie.ac.in/student-relations and International students council organises orientation program and various support activities to create a “home away from home”. The International Initiatives and Collaborations department https://www.scie.ac.in/collaborations# is a single point of contact for carrying out all collaborative activities with foreign institutions. SIU has 80 collaborations across the globe for facilitating student exchange, faculty exchange and joint research opportunities. Initiatives like Global Immersions Program ensures SIU students are given international exposure with facility of credit transfers and scholarships are offered to deserving students.

Study in India program is a short term customised program designed to give international students an unparalleled opportunity of experiencing India’s rich and varied culture. https://www.scie.ac.in/study-india-program

Teach @ SIU

Various programs are designed to engage foreign faculty with Symbiosis for teaching and research.  https://www.scie.ac.in/contact-us

Research @ SIU

Symbiosis Centre for Research and Innovation (SCRI -https://siu.edu.in/research.php#Researchcentres ) promotes and facilitates research among students and faculty and looks after Ph.D. Programme in addition to various support-services related to  Research   projectsPublicationsConferencesIntellectual Property.

In its pursuit of contributing to Society through academics and research, the University has established Symbiosis Centre for Waste Resource Management (SCWRM https://www.scwrm.edu.in/) , ​​​​​​​Symbiosis Centre for Stem Cell Research SCSCR , Symbiosis Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (SCNN https://www.scnn.edu.in/ ) Symbiosis Center for Medical Image Analysis (SCMIA-https://scmia.edu.in/ ) , Symbiosis Centre for Behavioural Studies (SCBS https://www.scbs.org.in/) , Symbiosis Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence (SCAAI https://www.scaai.edu.in/).

Faculty Development @ SIU

The Symbiosis Teaching Learning Resource Centre(STLRC) provides support for developing planning and execution of various Faculty Development Programmes under the verticals of Teaching, Learning, Evaluation, Research in domain specific areas.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Symbiosis Centre for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (SCEI)  a Technology Business Incubator (TBI) provides office space, Innovation Lab access and mentoring support to start-ups and potential entrepreneurs.( https://www.scei.org.in/about)

Health Promoting University

SIU in its quest of a health promoting university undertakes numerous activities like on campus health centre, Recreation & Wellness Centre providing gymnasium, aerobics, yoga, swimming pool facilities, other outdoor sports facilities and a counsellor at every campus.

Community engagement @ SIU

The Symbiosis Community Outreach Programme and Extension (SCOPE) has adopted 23 villages and engages in activities which include Healthcare, Finance & Banking, Computer Literacy, Legal Counsel, Waste Management etc. Family Doctor Clinics (FDCs) and Mobile Medical Unit(MMU) have been commissioned. Students work with NGOs on different projects. https://siu.edu.in/Health-Facilities.php

Courses @ SIU

Faculties and Courses offered : https://siu.edu.in/teaching-fraternity-siu.php.










For more information, please visit https://siu.edu.in/siu-study-faculties.php

Symbiosis International University 的排名数据分析


Symbiosis International University 的授予学科

  • Computer science

    • Computer Science
  • Clinical, pre-clinical & health

    • Other Health
    • Medicine & Dentistry
  • Social sciences

    • Politics & International Studies (incl Development Studies)
    • Communication & Media Studies
  • Life sciences

    • Biological Sciences
    • Sport Science
  • Business & economics

    • Business & Management
    • Accounting & Finance
    • Economics & Econometrics
  • Arts & humanities

    • Languages, Literature & Linguistics
    • Art, Performing Arts & Design
    • Architecture
  • Engineering & technology

    • General Engineering
    • Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
    • Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • Physical sciences

    • Geology, Environmental, Earth & Marine Sciences
  • Law

    • Law


  • 13.0
  • 6%
  • 16,305
    Number of FTE Students
  • 54 : 46
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Symbiosis International
Symbiosis International
Symbiosis International