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Nankai University

2023 世界大学排名
2022 亚洲大学排名
94 Weijin Rd, Nankai, Tianjin, China

Nankai University is a key multidisciplinary and research-oriented university directly under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education, located in Tianjin on the coast of the sea of Bohai. It is also the alma mater of our beloved late Premier Zhou Enlai. During the Anti-Japanese war (1937-1945), Nankai, Peking (Beijng) and Tsinghua (Qinghua) universities united in Kunming to form the renowned Southwest Associated University, widely acclaimed as The North Star of Higher Learning across China.

The University was established in 1919 by the famous patriotic educators Zhang Boling and Yan Xiu. Since its founding, the University has adopted as its official motto, “dedication to public services, acquisition of all-round capability and aspiration for daily progress” (or “commitment and capability” in short). Over the century, it also developed the legacy of patriotism, dedication,innovation and team spirit, and the philosophy of art to regulate the country, science to strengthen it and business to enrich it and set its mission on knowing China and Serving China. Guided by these founding principles, the University is committed to cultivation of talent and pursuit of academic excellency for the well-being of the nation and the cultivation of civilization and building itself into a world top university.

As one of the comprehensive university with the widest range of disciplines, the University is best known for its balanced programs of liberal arts and sciences, a solid foundation and a particular emphasis on application and innovation. NKU faculty is diverse,  energetic, skillful and highly talented, and productive, achieving many widely acclaimed research results, and capable of granting a complete offering of degree programs ranging from undergraduate, postgraduate doctoral and post-doctoral. Building on its diverse disciplines, talent pool and high-tech expertise, the University has served the needs of the national and local eco-socio development.

Going forward, NKU is working untiringly to achieve the goal of building itself into a world-class university with Chinese characteristics and Nankai heritage. It was listed as one of the key universities in the government-funded 211 Project and 985 Project (key programs of the Chinese government to create world-class universities and high-level research universities). Recently it has been selected as one of the 36 A-level universities in China to receive priority investment.

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Over a century into its development, NKU has 26 academic colleges spanning areas of literature, history, philosophy, economics, management, law, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, teaching and art, among others. Currently, the university has a total enrollment of over 26,000 students, including roughly 15,000 undergraduate students, 8,000 master's candidates, 3,300 doctoral candidates and around 3000 international students.

In recent years, the University has been focusing its effort on developing an academic system as is required for the economic-socio development and for the cultivation of skilled talents in the new century. As part of this ongoing effort, we have partnered with Chinese PLA General Hospital to create a high-level medical education base. Some new schools have been established including School of Electronic Information and Optical Engineering, School of Computer Science, School of Materials Science and Engineering, AI Institute, School of Statistics and Data Science, School of Cyberspace Security. A new School of Finance was reorganized. The Business school has received international accreditation. The school of Law has successfully applied for the Excellent Legal Talent Training Base. Some new undergraduate programs in Actuarial science, Portuguese, intelligent medical engineering, data science and big data technology were added as well.

In accordance with its motto, Nankai University always focuses on cultivating students' all-round capability and creativity as the primary goal of its mission. However the emphasis on capability and innovation does not exclude the precedence of good virtues. To combine the integrated development of good virtues, intelligence, fitness and artistic talent, the University has put into place a supportive mechanism to complement the quality-oriented education system that is targeted at cultivating high-quality innovative talents with a broad vision, solid knowledge down-to-earth attitude and ambitious goals.

The University encourages research, critical thinking and innovation in students. To this end, it has sponsored a innovation research project designed exclusively for undergraduates for 15 consecutive years. So far it has awarded over 5,900 projects to more than 23,800 participating students. In addition, a Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Practice Base has been set up, delivering many positive outcomes.

The university has been working very hard to promote cultural activities on campus. To create a diverse, enlightening and upbeat environment, it has hosted a wide range of activities, including Art Festival, Cultural Festival, Sports Festival and Foreign Languages Festival, to name just a few, thus creating an ideal platform for students to demonstrate their energy and talent.

Students on the other hand, has taken the initiative to create various student clubs and associations, covering humanities, technology, charity events, art and sports. These clubs have proven to be a significant force in enriching cultural activities, facilitating the implementation of quality-oriented education programs, and creating a second class that is going to impact their learning and their lives.

Nankai University has developed broad international ties by establishing exchange and collaboration with more than 320 international universities and academic institutions. It stays committed to increasing the number of students enrolled in overseas study and research programs and improving the quality of such programs, via the form of student exchange, joint training and overseas internship. Through these programs, it aims to expand the student exchanges between our university and other top international universities, and create more opportunities for students to broaden their vision and take a global perspective.

Nankai University Student Work Network : http://xgb.nankai.edu.cn/

Graduate School of Nankai University : 

Library :

Study at Nankai University (International Student Office of the International Academic Exchange Office of Nankai University) : http://study.nankai.edu.cn/cn/index (English website)

Our faculty is consisted of highly capable, productive and philanthropic and energetic specialized teachers. Among the 2,046 faculty members, there are members of Chinese Academy of Science and members of Chinese Academy of Engineering, members of The Third World Academy of Science and recipients of the Yangtze River Scholar Award program. To live up to the high standards of top international universities, we have adopted the policy of cultivating and attracting top-notch talents both at home and from abroad, launching the One-Hundred High-level Talent Support Program, the One-Hundred Young Academic Leader Training Program, and the One-Hundred Reserve Teacher Training Program. A Talent Zone is being set up, which offers a competitive teacher compensation system, and a teacher enhancement program and professional development program. All these measures help to create better services to talented teachers and ensure that they can enjoy better life, working conditions and wider space for development and become dedicated teachers and researchers. Actually, it has become a highly recognized tradition that eminent teachers at our university should follow the step of Mathematician Shiing-shen Chern and teach undergraduate courses.

In terms of scientific research, both basic and applied research are highlighted. In natural sciences, for example, our research teams have made some remarkable progress that is recognized domestically and internationally and some of them even lead the world in areas such as Organic Chemistry, Pesticide Chemistry, Basic Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Optics: Among these breakthroughs are the development of three-dimensional graphene, a new material that has been manipulated for the first time to move over a longer distance with direct light propulsion; the first successful cloning of pigs in the world using the technology of micro-operation robot; the first presentation of cholera pandemic evolved into its modern strain and its migration; the first brain-controlled car available in China, the first rechargeable sodium-carbon dioxide battery, the first discovery of new medicine for Anti-Brain Glioma and the development of organic and solution-processed tandem solar cells with record power conversion efficiency. Equally remarkable accomplishments can be found in social science research. In addition to the widely acknowledged Philosophy and traditional social science research, our research teams have made great contributions in the subject field of history, economics and management, especially with the research on Chinese issues, human rights, China Corporate Governance Index, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Collaborative Development, Belt and Road Development, Ecological Civilization and APEC.

In line with the state requirement to build world class top universities and develop new major programs meeting the current socio-economical needs, our university has adopted a strategy compatible with innovation-driven development. Through the establishment of joint collaborative innovation centers, we are building close cooperation with many universities, businesses, research institutes and governments to attract more and more top-notch scholars for academic exchanges and collaboration.

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  • 11.3
  • 31,322
    Number of FTE Students
  • 5%
  • 55 : 45
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Nankai University 的授予学科

  • Arts & humanities

    • History, Philosophy & Theology
    • Art, Performing Arts & Design
    • Languages, Literature & Linguistics
    • Archaeology
  • Engineering & technology

    • General Engineering
    • Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • Social sciences

    • Communication & Media Studies
    • Sociology
    • Politics & International Studies (incl Development Studies)
  • Business & economics

    • Business & Management
    • Economics & Econometrics
    • Accounting & Finance
  • Physical sciences

    • Mathematics & Statistics
    • Chemistry
    • Physics & Astronomy
    • Geology, Environmental, Earth & Marine Sciences
  • Education

    • Education
  • Clinical, pre-clinical & health

    • Medicine & Dentistry
  • Life sciences

    • Biological Sciences
    • Agriculture & Forestry
  • Computer science

    • Computer Science
  • Psychology

    • Psychology
  • Law

    • Law


Nankai University
Nankai University
Nankai University
Nankai University
Nankai University
Nankai University