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For over 40 years, the School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) has refined a distinctive vision of hospitality and tourism education and become a world-leading hotel and tourism school. The SHTM sets itself apart from other hospitality and tourism educational institutions by consistently earning a high standing in the upper echelons of international rankings. The School is a symbol of excellence in the field, exemplifying its motto of Leading Hospitality and Tourism.

The School is driven by the need to serve its industry and academic communities through the advancement of education and dissemination of knowledge. With a strong international team of over 90 faculty members from diverse cultural backgrounds, the SHTM offers programmes at levels ranging from undergraduate degrees to doctoral degrees. Through Hotel ICON, the School’s groundbreaking teaching and research hotel and a vital aspect of its paradigm-shifting approach to hospitality and tourism education, the SHTM is advancing teaching, learning and research, inspiring a new generation of passionate, pioneering professionals to take their positions as leaders in the hospitality and tourism industry.

International Faculty and World-class Programmes

Guided by a strong international team of over 90 faculty members from diverse cultural backgrounds, the SHTM offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Hotel Management and/or Tourism Management leading up to Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Doctor of Hotel and Tourism Management (D.HTM), Master of Science (MSc) and Bachelor of Science (BSc).

State-of-the-art teaching and research facilities

Wholly owned by PolyU and an extension of the SHTM, Hotel ICON is a unique teaching and research hotel offering a fully integrated teaching and learning approach to education. Officially opened in September 2011, Hotel ICON is located in the same building complex as the SHTM campus.

As the world's first co-located, co-lead programme offered in a teaching and research hotel, Hotel ICON provides a dynamic environment to SHTM students who are privileged to use the hotel’s many opportunities for learning and research as a launch pad for their dreams. The School’s vision is to see them rise to become leaders of hotels, hospitality businesses and the tourism industry globally.

The Che-woo Lui Hotel and Tourism Research Centre houses a range of hotel and tourism management related reference and teaching materials, such as books, journals, magazines, statistical reports and conference proceedings to support research, teaching and learning functions of the School.

Tan Siu Lin Innovation Hub is equipped with state-of-the-art digital equipment and specialised software for the hospitality and tourism industry, ensuring an inspirational and flexible learning environment in which students are empowered to reach their full potentials. It ensures that SHTM students have experience using the latest technology available in the industry.

Bistro 1979 is a multi-function student-operated restaurant unit providing a “real-world” restaurant setting for students to build on the skill-sets required in F&B industry. It is also the venue for the Catering Studies Dining Society which welcomes their members and their guests. The training restaurant seats 66 persons, offering lunches and dinners during the semester according to the academic timetable.

Vinoteca Lab seats 41 persons. It is used for a variety of classes including wine appreciation. Students are taught a range of topics, from basic wine fundamentals to advanced regional and international wine knowledge and specialist skills in the F&B industry. Workshops organised by the Food and Wine Academy, an initiative by the SHTM and Hotel ICON, also take place here.

Research Excellence @ SHTM

The School's academic staff are very active professionally and have gained international recognition for their scholarship and research. SHTM staff members have published regularly in leading journals, and are widely represented on the editorial boards of more than 25 major journals. In addition, four international scholarly journals in the field of hospitality and tourism are edited from the School itself:

  • Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research
  • Journal of China Tourism Research
  • Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing
  • Tourism Management

With the establishment of Hotel ICON, the SHTM's leadership role in hospitality research has been enhanced.  Research projects with different foci have already been implemented in the hotel. Three dedicated guestrooms – "Tomorrow's Guestrooms" – have been set up to facilitate more in-depth research into the application of advanced concepts in the field of hotel management for the advancement of the entire industry.

In the pursuit of research excellence, the SHTM established the Hospitality and Tourism Research Centre (HTRC) to further consolidate its research prowess, which has long been recognised as one of the School’s significant strengths. With a view to bridging the gap between hospitality and tourism theory and industry practice, the HTRC supports academic research for the advancement and development of hospitality and tourism knowledge on topics of importance to industry performance. It is a unique research-based platform with an expansive network of hospitality and tourism academics from the School and partner institutions, along with leading industry executives.

SHTM+ICON Consultancy

Combining the research prowess of the SHTM and the practical experience and endeavour of Hotel ICON, the SHTM+ICON Consultancy is established to offer professional hospitality related consultancy services to industry worldwide.

The mission of SHTM+ICON Consultancy is to engineer knowledge transfer to hospitality industry and educational institutes. The knowledge transfer includes management know-how, creative solutions, experiences in a practical setting, and capability of maintaining sustainable growth.


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Percentage of International students: 60%
No. of students per staff: 16.2
Number of FTE Students: 1040
Student Ratio of Females to Males: 70:30


Our Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Hotel and Tourism Management is designed for those who wish to base their research on theoretical insights. The cutting-edge programme offers advanced training based on individual interests and career aspirations, allowing students to develop the ability to complete significant research in specific areas. The SHTM’s intellectual and robust support environment encourages research collaboration between staff and students, with the results disseminated through scholarly publications and conference presentations. The Ph.D. programme prepares graduates for educational and research positions related to hotel and tourism management.

The Doctor of Hotel and Tourism Management (D.HTM) programme attracts a wide range of professionals who wish to enhance their careers, from experienced practitioners and government representatives to academics from around the world. This ground-breaking programme offers a unique combination of subjects and research, and its flexible delivery is ideal for busy students. Internationally recognised, the D.HTM programme has a well-earned reputation for helping graduates to advance their careers by developing their innovation, creativity and research skills in an Asian context.

Offered by the SHTM in Hong Kong, EHL Hospitality Business School in Switzerland and the Conrad N. Hilton College of Global Hospitality Leadership at the University of Houston in the United States, the Master of Science (MSc) in Global Hospitality Business is an innovative educational programme in which students spend one semester each in Europe, Asia and North America to take advantage of these three outstanding faculties and campuses. More than a Master’s degree and more than a career booster, this tripartite programme provides students with an in-depth understanding of these three distinct markets and offers access to three strong alumni networks.

In an effort to give students flexibility and options, five flagship Master’s degrees are offered under the MSc Scheme in Hospitality and Tourism Management:

  • The MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Hospitality is designed for industry professionals who value the importance of an entrepreneurial mindset in encouraging innovation, creative changes and growth in times of rapid transformation. This unique programme intends to nurture industry leaders and entrepreneurs who will be positioned to lead hospitality innovation and entrepreneurship and ensure the sustainable development of the global industry.
  • The MSc in International Hospitality Management gives students a strong business foundation for successful careers and creates international leaders, educators and researchers for the global hospitality industry.
  • The MSc in International Tourism and Convention Management offers many insights into the tourism and convention sectors, developing dedicated professionals who are equipped to lead the industry into the future.
  • The MSc in International Wine Management develops industry leaders, educators and researchers with a deep understanding of the latest trends in the wine industry. The programme is taught by leading academics and industry experts, such as Masters of Wine Jeannie Cho Lee, Steve Charters, Debra Meiburg and Sarah Heller, ensuring its relevance. Featuring residential study trips to renowned wine regions, the programme provides students with the opportunity to gain insights into some of the world’s fastest-growing wine markets.
  • The MSc in Luxury Experiences Management is designed not only for professionals in the luxury industry who strive to hone their knowledge and skills in this sophisticated market, but also for individuals who aspire to develop their career in this global industry. This exceptional programme aims to develop industry leaders and researchers who will be in a position to shape the landscape of luxury and lead it into the future.

Through these unique programmes, students develop industry best practices, management skills and research, taking them from theory to practice and ensuring that they have a competitive advantage in the field. The flexible means of delivery and study allow students to complete their studies in just one year.

The SHTM's MicroMasters in International Hospitality Management, a unique and highly distinguished Master's programme provided on the world-renowned edX online learning platform, continues to attract learners from around the world. This innovative online programme focuses on strategy creation and pragmatic implementation, problem identification and decision-making, supported by interdisciplinary theory and management applications. The MicroMasters programme is an innovative way to nurture talent to meet the industry's evolving needs. It is the perfect choice for anyone who wishes to retrain for the future global hospitality industry.

Our Bachelor of Science (BSc) scheme in Hotel and Tourism Management is multi-disciplinary and equips students with the knowledge and skills for a broad range of complex, managerial and specialised work activities in the hotel and tourism industry. It features three specialisms: (i) Hotel Management (ii) Smart Tourism and Hospitality (iii) Event and Experience Management; and two secondary majors: (i) Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics (ii) Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Students who are passionate about hotel management can immerse themselves in resort management, hospitality asset management, and revenue management, to name but a few topics. Those who specialise in smart tourism can learn about AI and smart service design in tourism and hospitality, and much more. Students with aspirations in event management can explore wedding planning, luxury management, and medical services experience management, among other pathways.

Students in higher education seek an international and dynamic learning environment in which they can fully realise their potential and have their talents recognised. The SHTM’s world-leading programmes are an ideal pathway to the highest levels of the hospitality and tourism profession.


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