Al-Kut University College

2020 Impact Rankings
2020 Impact Rankings: 优质教育
2020 Impact Rankings: 性别平等
Center of Kut district, Imam Ali bin Abi Talib, Hawrah, Wasit Governorate, Iraq

关于 Al-Kut University College

Al-Kut University College, founded in 2012, was the first private college in the Wasit Governorate, located in eastern Iraq.

Wasit Governorate is situated southeast of Baghdad and borders Iran. It consists of a number of cities including Al-Hai, Al-Kut, Al-Suwaira, and Wasit. In 2000 the historical city of Wasit was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List. The Islamic city, located by the Tigris River, was built as a military encampment in the 8th century.

The university is comprised of nine academic departments namely Arabic; business administration; dentistry; engineering; Islamic studies; law; pathology; pharmacy, and physical education and sports science. When the university opened in 2012 it had just three departments but it has greatly expanded throughout the years.

With a research, studies and publishing centre, the university is heavily involved in the publication of books, magazines and newspapers, which contain research carried out by its staff and students. It also publishes two international journals one on applied science, the other on humanitarian research.

The university also boasts two language centres for students to improve their Arabic and Persian. These centres were designed to ensure that both languages are preserved and to provide students with the skills they need to communicate effectively in Arabic or Persian.

The university has developed partnerships with many universities around the world. The universities work together in academic exchanges and research collaborations to strengthen their respective institutions. The university seeks to provide its students with an international perspective, which respects different cultures and appreciates diversity.

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