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六月 11, 2002

South Bank University lecturers strike
Lecturers at South Bank University are striking today in protest at plans to cut 100 jobs. Lecturers' union Natfhe said that their members were suffering as a result of the university's failure to properly count its students - following the discovery that the university had almost a thousand fewer students than it thought.

Lecturer's card game boldy goes
Lack of awareness about UK involvement in space science is to be addressed in a card game. Lecturer David Smith, at the University of Leicester's Space Research Centre, has developed Voyager, an educational card game which features facts about 32 scientific satellites.

St Andrews amnesty successful
More than 100 items such as traffic cones and street signs have been returned under an amnesty at St Andrews University. Items reported missing in recent months included a set of temporary traffic lights and a lifebelt, which has been returned.

Fresh evidence on dinosaur wipe-out
An "impact winter" followed by a blistering heatwave killed off the dinosaurs after the Earth was hit by a giant object from space, new research suggests today. A team of international scientists, including researchers from the University of Sheffield, published results today from a study of leaf fossils that indicate an enormous pumping of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere 65 million years ago. The levels were so high they could only be explained by a large-scale impact.



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