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三月 24, 2003

Oxbridge courts primary school children
State-school children as young as ten are being courted by Oxford and Cambridge in an attempt to increase the numbers of working-class students studying there. The youngsters are being shown round the universities in an attempt to rid them of pre-conceptions that the country's best-known institutions are snooty and not for them. Oxford and Cambridge are also mounting their largest series of education fairs in an attempt to spread the gospel that the two universities are for the gifted and talented - irrespective of their backgrounds.

Prying press could force William to quit studies
Fears that the tabloid press will declare "open season" on Prince William could, ultimately, drive him to abandon his studies at St Andrews University. A recent escalation in the publication of snatched photographs of the 20-year-old prince has alarmed senior aides at St James's Palace. Their fear is that it will create a market for paparazzi photographs, which they have sought to avoid since the prince began studying at the Scottish university 18 months ago.
(Daily Telegraph)

Tongue test reveals women with taste
A simple test can identify "supertasters" over people unable to tell fine wine from plonk, it is claimed. Scientists at Yale University in the US have found that some people are born with more tastebuds. Their tests showed that 35 per cent of women are born supertasters, compared with 15 per cent of men.

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