Sources for research funding in 1998

五月 15, 1998


Information technologies (ESPRIT) Contact: email: Open call: Research proposals in domains 1,2,6 and 8. Deadline June 16 Industrial & materials technologies Contact: Fax: +32-2-295.80.46 / 296.70.23 E-mail: imt helpdesk@ Open call for support & accompanying measures.

Deadline: May 20 Standards, measurements & testing Contacts: Philippe Quevauviller. Fax: +32-2-295.80.72 Open call for accompanying measures.

Deadline: July 30 Marine science & technologies Contact: R&D: Martin Bohle Carbonell; Training: Elisabeth Lipiatou.Fax: +32-2-296.30.24.E-mail: mast Preparatory accompanying & support measures. Areas: standards for training & work; modelling; ocean data management & quality control for research & operational applications; use of heavy experimental equipment, research vessels & their modular equipment, large computing facilities & other technical resources in the European Economic Area; design of components & systems for heavy advanced equipment; calibration techniques & standards for marine instrumentation & observational equipment.

Deadline: June 12 (open) Biotechnology E-mail: life-biotech@


R&D: Stephane Hogan - Fax: +32-2-299.18.60 Demonstration: Alfredo Aguilar - Fax: +32-2-295.53.65 ELSA: Josa Elizalde - Fax: +32-2-296.05.40 Advanced practical workshops. Contact: Alessio Vassarotti - Fax: +32-2-299.18.60 Deadline: September 15 Training and mobility of researchers Contact: JŸrgen Rosenbaum Fax: +32-2-296.21.33.E-mail: Marie Curie Research Training Grants (postgraduate, post doctoral & return grants) - See below Measures for SMEs Contact: Giorgio Clarotti Fax: +32-2-295.71.10 E-mail: sme-helpdesk@ Technology stimulation measures for SMEs:

(Cooperative research) Marie Curie Research training grants Postgraduate, post-doctoral and return grants in all areas of the following programme.

Information on Internet: /tmr/home.htm Industrial and materials technologies Deadline: June 1. Contact: Susanne Becker. Fax: + 32 -2 296.70.23. Email:

imt-helpdesk@dg12. Standards measurements and testing Deadlines: June 15 and September 1. Contact: Philippe Quevauviller. Fax: +32-2-295.80.72 Biotechnology Deadline: July 1 Contact: Alessio Vassarotti. Fax: +32-2 299.18.60. E-mail: Non-nuclear energy (JOULE component: R&D Projects) Deadline: July 1 Contact: Ingrid Tenten. Fax: +32-2-299.18.47l


Funding details on councils' web sites Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council Medical Research Council Natural Environment Research Council Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council Economic and Social Research Council


Information is available on the website at http:// or contact the British Academy, 10 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5AH, 0171 969 5200.

Small Personal Research Grants up to Pounds 5,000: Closing dates. September 30, November 30, February 28 and April 30. Grants available for research in the humanities and the social sciences.

Larger Research Grants over Pounds 5,000: Closing date. September 30.

Available for research in the humanities only. There is no fixed upper limit for larger research grants, but grants are typically made to support a research assistant for 12 months.

Archaeology grants up to Pounds 20,000, for archaeological fieldwork, and related general and scientific post-excavation work. Closing date: November 15.

Overseas Exchange Programmes:

research visits and visits in connection with joint projects, to Central and East Europe, Russia, China, Japan, and certain other countries. Humanities and social sciences Conference Grants:

Travel grants for British scholars delivering papers at conferences overseas: social sciences only. Costs of inviting foreign participants to conferences in the UK: humanities and social sciences.

Closing dates (except for China): end of September, December, February and April. China: end of February and August


Thank-Offering to Britain Fellowship One-year senior research fellowship; preference given to topics relating to the modern period.

Elisabeth Barker Fund Studies in recent European history (individual, collective or institutional projects).

44th International Congress of Americanists Fund Awards for Latin American studies towards expenses of British scholars visiting Latin America, or those of Latin American scholars invited to visit Britain.

Neil Ker Memorial Fund To promote the study of Western medieval manuscripts and in particular those of British interest. Awards include travel and publication.

Stein-Arnold Exploration Fund. For research on the antiquities or historical geography or early history or arts of those parts of Asia which come within the sphere of the ancient civilisations of India, China, and Iran, including Central Asia, or of one or more of these and so that special consideration shall be paid, if possible, to research of this character bearing upon the territories comprised in Afghanistan including the region of ancient Bactria and in the north-western frontier region of India.

K. C. Wong Fellowships To promote the advancement of Chinese scholarship in the humanities and social sciences, enabling outstanding Chinese scholars to undertake research in British institutions in collaboration with British colleagues. Candidates must be nationals of the People's Republic of China and scholars of postdoctoral or equivalent status.

Sino-British Fellowship Trust. To support individual or co-operative research projects, in the humanities and social sciences, conducted either in Britain or in China, or in both countries, and must involve person-to-person contacts.

Applications should first be made to the academy; if approved, the bids will be submitted to the SBFT.


Value and Impact of Library and Information Services: Call for Proposals The Research and Innovation Centre has released its Call for Proposals for research under the Value and Impact Research Programme. Fourteen themes have been identified under three headings:

1. Social, educational and cultural impact of library and information services 2. Economics of information provision 3. Economic impact of library and information services Researchers are requested to return an application form, attached to the call by May 18 1998. Around 10 projects will be funded at an average Pounds 35,000 per year per project. Successful bids should be announced at the end of August. Call and application form are available from: The Support Unit, RIC, The British Library, 2 Sheraton Street, London W1V 4BH Tel: +44 171 412 7053 Fax: +44 171 412 7251 Email: Further details: Barbara Buckley.Tel: +44 171 412 7058. E-mail: barbara. Website:

ASSOCIATION OF MEDICAL RESEARCH CHARITIES Enquiries to: 29-35 Farringdon Road, London EC1M 3JB. Telephone: 0171 404 6454 Fax: 0171 404 6448


Copeman House, St Mary's Court, St Mary's Gate, Chesterfield, S41 7TD Tel: 01246 558033, Fax: 01246 558007. Types of Awards: research: project and programme grants, core support and equipment grants, travel and scientific exchange awards. Fellowships: clinical, post doctoral and senior research fellowships. Studentships: intercalated studentships, PhD studentships. Method of allocation: peer review.

Submissions: project, programme, core support and equipment grants: January, March, June and October. Travel grants and scientific exchange awards must be submitted at least 2-3 months before the date of the meeting.


Copse Edge, Thursley Road, Esltead, Godalming, GU8 6DJ Tel: 01252 702864, Fax: 01252 703715. Objectives: Research into causes and treatment of Friedreich's and other cerebellar ataxias. Types of Awards Available: Project grants. Method of allocation: by peer review, priority and financial restrictions. Submissions: to the director for annual allocation in autumn.

Applications to be submitted by June 30.


10 Queen Anne Street, London, W1M 0BD Tel: 0171 3231531, Fax: 0171 6373644. Types of awards: research fellowships, studentships and project grants. Method of allocation:

allocation of funds is authorised by the research committee by peer review within an overall budget established by the executive council. Submissions: fellowships and studentships are advertised as available. Unsolicited applications for grants are considered three times a year. Restrictions: UK only.


26 Blades Court, Putney, London, SW15 2NU Tel: 0181 8719797, Fax: 0181 8719779. Types of Awards: Expeditia grants, small ecological project grants, research travel grants. Method of allocation: by application. Awarded on scientific merit of proposal.


1 quai Lezay-Marnesia, 67080 Strasbourg Cedex, France Tel: +33 (0)3 88 76 71 25, fax +33 (0)3 88 37 05 32 A limited number of research fellowships, mainly to support visits directly relevant to the scientific programme or network and from one European country to another, are available within the following activities. Within programmes priority is given to visits involving at least one country contributing to the a la carte budget.

Details available at http:// www.esf. org.

Medical sciences Immunogenetics of Allergy: towards prevention and care (1997 1999) Eligibility: young scientists (pre- or postdoctoral level). Duration: typically a few days, maximum 3 months.

Application deadline: 10 weeks before the intended visits.

These travel grants are also suitable for two or more scientists to discuss their research approaches and results.

ESF contact: Blanche Schaller (Tel: +33 (0)3 88 76 71 18 - Email: Life and environmental sciences Alpine Biodiversity (1997 2000) Eligibility: graduates. Duration: maximum 1 month. No deadline.

ESF contact: Pat Cosgrove (Tel: +33 (0)3 88 76 71 06 - Email: Biophysics of Photosynthesis (1993-1999) Eligibility: researchers with post-doctoral competence or a minimum of two years of laboratory experience.

Duration: maximum 1 month. No deadline.

ESF contact: Pat Cosgrove (Tel: +33 (0)3 88 76 71 06 - Email: Fossil Insects (1996-1999) Eligibility: PhD students, postdocs and senior scientists or acknowlegded experts in the field. Duration: no maximum duration, travel costs only up to FF 5,000. Application deadline: 1 September 1998.

ESF contact: Joanne Dalton (Tel: +33 (0)3 88 76 71 22 - Email: jdalton Groundwater Pollution (1998-2001) Duration: up to 6 months. Details to be confirmed. ( gpoll.htm) ESF contact: Philippa Pirra (Tel: +33 (0)3 88 76 71 29 - Email: Plant Adaptation (1997-2001) Eligibility and duration: young scientists without a PhD, one to six months; postdoctoral fellows and senior scientists up to a year.

Application deadlines: 1 May 1998 or 1 October 1998.

ESF contact: Joanne Dalton (Tel: +33 (0)3 88 76 71 22 - Email: jdalton Response of the Earth System to Impact Processes (1998-2002) Details to be confirmed. ( IMPACTa.htm) ESF contact: Catherine Lobstein (Tel: +33 (0)3 88 76 71 30 - Email: Theoretical Biology of Adaptation (1998-2001) Eligibility: young scientists at the beginning of their career. Duration: one week to three months.

Application deadline: 31 May 1998.

ESF contact: Pat Cosgrove (Tel: +33 (0)3 88 76 71 06 - Email: Transport Processes in the Atmosphere and the Oceans (1996 1999) Eligibility: primarily intended for young scientists (however no formal limitation will apply). Duration: up to 6 months Application deadline: 15 June 1998.

ESF contact: Philippa Pirra (Tel: +33 (0)3 88 76 71 29 - Email: Tropical Canopy Research (1994-1998) The grants will contribute to travel costs only.

Eligibility: researchers applying for a stay at a field station or institute in the tropics.

Application deadlines: 1 June for visits to begin from 1 October 1998; 1 September 1998 for visits to begin from 1 January 1999.

ESF contact: Catherine Lobstein (Tel: +33 (0)3 88 76 71 30 - Email: clobstein Physical and engineering sciences Applied Mathematics for Industrial Flow Problems (1997-2001) Eligibility: primarily young researchers.

Duration: one week to three months. No deadline.

ESF contact: Catherine Werner (Tel: +33 (0)3 88 76 71 18 - Email: cwerner Artificial Biosensing Interface (1994-1998) Eligibility: young scientists (under the age of 35). Duration: up to three months. No deadline.

ESF contact: Catherine Werner (Tel: +33 (0)3 88 76 71 18 - Email: cwerner Control of Complex Systems (1995-1999) Eligibility: researchers above the undergraduate level. Duration: up to one month. No deadline.

ESF contact: Pat Cosgrove (Tel: +33 (0)3 88 76 71 06 - Email: Electronic Structure Calculations of Elucidating the Complex Atomistic Behaviour of Solids and Surfaces (1998-2002) Duration: mainly short visits. Details to be confirmed. ( STRUCa.htm) ESF contact: Catherine Werner (Tel: +33 (0)3 88 76 71 18 - Email: cwerner Fermi-Liquid Instabilities in Correlated Metals (1998-2002) Details to be confirmed. ( FERLINa.htm) ESF contact: Chantal Durant (Tel: +33 (0)3 88 76 71 - Email: cdurant Highly Structured Stochastic Systems (1997-2000) Eligibility: primarily young researchers. Duration: up to 2 weeks. No deadline.

Long term visits will also be available in 1998.

ESF contact: Catherine Werner (Tel: +33 (0)3 88 76 71 18 - Email: cwerner Molecular Magnets (1998-2002) Duration: from one week to three months. Details to be confirmed. ( MAGNETa.htm) ESF contact: Catherine Werner (Tel: +33 (0)3 88 76 71 18 - Email: cwerner Nanomagnetism and Growth Processes on Vicinal Surfaces (1998-2001) Duration: from one week to three months. Details to be confirmed.

( NANOMAGa.htm) ESF contact: Pat Cosgrove (Tel: +33 (0)3 88 76 71 06 - Email: Probabilistic Methods in Hyperbolic Dynamics (1998-2002) Details to be confirmed. ( PROBABa.htm) ESF contact: Chantal Durant (Tel: +33 (0)3 88 76 71 - Email: cdurant Structuring, Manipulation, Analysis and Reactive Transformation of Nanostructures (1998-2002) Duration: up to three months.

Details to be confirmed. ( SMARTONa.htm) ESF contact: Catherine Werner (Tel: +33 (0)3 88 76 71 18 - Email: cwerner Vapour phase Synthesis and Processing of Nano-particle Materials (1995-1999) Eligibility and duration: up to one month for senior researchers; up to six months for PhD students and post-doctoral researchers. No deadline.

ESF contact: Pat Cosgrove (Tel: +33 (0)3 88 76 71 06 - Email: Further information about ESF fellowships from the ESF's web site: http:// www.esf. org/ update


14 Halkin Street, London, SW1X 7DP. 0171 235 0965. Fax: 0171 823 1986. Email: fsid@dial. Website:

The foundation funds research into causes and prevention of infant death and the promotion of infant health. Project awards are made twice yearly by review panel which meets in March and September. Deadlines for these meetings are usually January 31 and July 1 (ring for confirmation). Applications are made on application forms obtainable from Dr Shireen Chantler, Secretary Scientific Advisory Committee at the foundation. The amount available for funding at any one time varies and a final decision is made by the council of trustees which meets shortly after each panel meeting.


330-332 Gray's Inn Road, London, WC1 8EE Tel: 0171 833 1733, Fax: 0171 8 0404.

Types of awards: project grants; small grants (up to Pounds 30,000); equipment grants; postgraduate studentships; postdoctoral fellowships; travel grants; occasional grants for infrastructure.

Allocation: All applications are peer reviewed.

Submission: Applications may be submitted at any time in writing on the appropriate application form. Defeating Deafness's committees meet quarterly (January, April, July, and October) and grant applications are considered at each meeting. Restrictions: No grants for work managed outside the UK.

Research strategy: To continue to support the most promising research aimed at preventing and treating deafness and other hearing problems.


PO Box 246, Northampton, NN1 2PR Tel: 01604 250505, Fax: 01604 24726.

Types of awards: project and programme grants, occasional equipment grants. Grants available to overseas applicants. Methods of allocation: Initially a summary of grant proposal, full proposals invited thereafter. Submissions: twice yearly, usually end of February and August. Final decision usually June and December. Restrictions: grants given to appropriately qualified investigators working in research institutions.


Vincent House North Parade, Horsham, RH12 2DA Tel: 01403 210406, Fax: 01403 210541 Director: Mrs Anne Luther Enquiries: Dr Kate Walsh Objectives: to finance basic and clinical research leading to the prevention of disability. Emphasis on genetic, developmental factors and alleviation of existing physical handicap. Types of awards available: project grants, research training fellowships and, exceptionally, programme, longer term and capital grants. Submissions: applicants should submit brief details to assess suitability for formal application. Closing dates for completed forms: research training fellowships: January 31. Others: March 15, July 20, November 15. Restrictions: UK only.


Central Research, Hulley Road Macclesfield Cheshire SK10 2NX. Telephone: 01625 421933 The trust aims to encourage the interchange of ideas between European scientists by providing opportunities for academic staff and those holding comparable teaching positions at United Kingdom and Irish universities or comparable teaching institutions to undertake special studies at an agreed European university.

European Fellowship Awards for Academic Staff 1998/99 Senior Novartis Fellowships Purpose: to enable academic staff to undertake research in continental Europe, by supplementing salaries.

The Senior Novartis Fellowships will be awarded to start from an agreed date during the academic year 1998/99. They will be available to lecturers, senior lecturers, or readers who hold, and will return to, teaching positions at United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland universities or comparable teaching institutions, who wish to undertake research at an agreed European university or technological university. These posts should be held in the life science fields of chemical, biological or medical sciences.

Awards are made for a period of four to 12 months. Value of the awards: Pounds 15,000 per annum plus travelling expenses.

Applications should be submitted on forms obtainable from: the secretary, Mrs Pat Wilson. Closing date: November 1 Collaboration in Europe for Academic Research Groups 1998-2000 (ACE awards) Purpose: to stimulate new collaboration with research groups at European institutions in the life science fields of chemical, biological or medical sciences. The awards will be made to assist the cost of short visits in each direction between the collaborating institutions by members of either of the two research groups involved.

Value of the awards: Pounds 2,000 per annum Applications for the awards are invited from UK/Irish institutions, jointly with their Continental partners.

Applications should be submitted on forms obtainable from:

The Secretary The Novartis Fellowship Trust Hulley Road Macclesfield Cheshire SK10 2NX.

Closing date: November 1


Debra House, 13 Wellington Business Park, Crowthorne, RG11 6LS Tel: 01344 771961, Fax: 01344 762661 email: Director: John Dart Enquiries: John Dart Objectives: to fund research into all forms of epidermolysis bullosa and promote the welfare of patients with epidermolysis bullosa. Types of awards available: mainly project grants of up to three years duration. Submissions: To DEBRA office by October 31. Application forms and guidance notes available from office. Restrictions: Only applications relevant to epidermolysis bullosa can be considered.


Research Division, Unit 7, Bramley Business Centre, Station Road, Bramley, Guildford, EN1 3TR Tel: 01483 898786 Fax: 01483 898763 Director: I. M. Walden Enquiries: Peter J. Banyard.

Objectives: to fund basic scientific research aimed at finding useful treatments for paralysis caused by spinal cord injury.

Types of awards available: Project, equipment, travel grants and academic exchanges.

Method of allocation: by peer review. Submissions: to the research director.

Restrictions: the trust makes no grants to other charities.


Ground Floor, York House, 199 Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1 7UT Tel: 0171 9287743 Director: Susanna Burr Enquiries: Susanna Burr. Objectives: to mobilise, foster and fund research into the prevention and cure of blindness. Types of awards available: grants for innovative ophthalmic research and to purchase equipment for use in the medical clinical and surgical treatment of eye disease (where government funding is not available). Submissions: any time. Council meetings are held five times a year. Restrictions: UK only.


1 Pemberton Row, London, EC4A 3EX Tel: 0171 822 6938, Fax: 0171 822 5084.

Director: Barry Supple Enquiries: josbourne@ Objectives: the provision of scholarships for purposes of research and education as the trustees, in their discretion, decide. Limited funds are available for educational purposes. Types of awards available: grants to institutions: for research, but also education and academic interchange. Grants to individuals: research fellowships and grants, special research fellowships, emeritus fellowships and study abroad studentships. Submissions: In accordance with policies and procedures brochure (available on request). Restrictions: the trustees are precluded from making capital grants for endowments, sites, buildings, equipment, to appeals or expeditions.


Nattrass House, 7-11 Prescott Place, London, SW4 6BS. Tel: 0171 7208055, Fax: 0171 4980670.

Director: Fergus Logan. Enquiries: clinical development: Joe Hennessy, research: Sarah Yates. Objectives: The advancement of medical research into muscular dystrophy, allied neuromuscular conditions and the provision of practical help and information to those affected. Types of awards available: Research: three-year project grants to individuals and institutions. In exceptional circumstances five-year programme grants are available. Clinical development: centre and project grants. Submissions: applicants should contact the relevant director for details of submission dates. Restrictions: the salary of the grant holder is not funded.


183-193 Euston Road, London, NW1 2BE Tel: 0171 6118888, Fax: 0171 6118545, Director: Bridget Ogilvie.

Enquiries: Mrs L Arter. http:// wisdom.wellcome.

html The Wellcome Trust's database containing details of 400 funding schemes supporting biomedical research.

Objectives: to support clinical and basic scientific research into human and veterinary medicine. Special interests include support of research in tropical medicine, vision and the history of medicine. Types of awards available: short-term and longer-term awards (project and programme grants), research training and career development, funds for travel abroad; meetings and symposia, awards for equipment; capital grants for buildings.

Method of allocation: peer review. Submissions: in the first instance a summary of research and CV should be sent to the trust. Most competitive schemes have advertised deadlines.

Restrictions: the trust does not fund Aids or cancer research. Additional Information:

fellowships are also awarded to nationals of the United States and the Commonwealth.


This initiative provides additional funding for expensive items for multi disciplinary/multi project facilities. It will build upon the success of the Joint Research Equipment Initiative (JREI).

Further enquiries should be addressed to Sian Thomas, Scientific Programme Manager Infrastructure Panel, 183 Euston Road, London NW1 2BE. Tel 0171 611 8320. Fax 0171 611 77. Email infrastructure JOINT RESEARCH EQUIPMENT INITIATIVE (JREI)

Annual Scheme This revised scheme aims to contribute to the physical research infrastructure and to facilitate high- quality research. Applicants must have some external sponsorship and must request a minimum of Pounds 12,500 from the JREI. The initiative favours those multidisciplinary bids that represent best overall value while maintaining scientific excellence; termed "best affordable mix". Particularly encouraged are applications seeking less than 50 per cent of the total cost of the bid from the JREI.

There are two competitions; A is for equipment requesting up to Pounds 150,000, and B for bids of over Pounds 150,000.

Application forms are available from the research councils' and funding councils' websites on the Internet. For further information: initiat/current/JREI/ jointrule.htm initiat/current/JREI/ jointcall.htm Closing date for applications: May 31.


Room 734, St Christopher House, Southwark Street, London SE1 0UD Tel: 0171 921 3885 Fax: 0171 921 1803 Types of awards: research studentships, taught course studentships, CASE Awards.


21 Portland Place, London W1N 3AF Tel: 0171 636 6603 Fax: 0171 636 6602 Types of awards: limited assistance for postgraduate research. Enquiries: Sandra Raine, secretary and chief executive INSTITUTION OF MINING AND METALLURGY

44 Portland Place, London, W1N 4BR, tel.

0171-580 3802 Secretary: M J Jones, The institution administers a range of grants for studies in geology, mining and metallurgy. Postgraduate research grants are awarded for research into metal mining, non-ferrous extraction metallurgy and mineral dressing. Grants cover working expenses connected to the research and the purchase of equipment and are for a study period of one year at a UK university. Candidates must be graduates in a relevant subject.

Stanley Elmore Fellowships are for fully qualified people undertaking postgraduate research into extractive metallurgy and mineral processing at a UK university. Awards are for up to Pounds 12,000 and are for one year initially (renewable to three years). Applications: Contact the secretary.


http:// anatsoc/home.htm Dept. of anatomy and cell biology, Imperial College School of Medicine at St Mary's, Norfolk Place, London W2 1PG Tel: 0171 594 3764 Fax: 402 6861 Types of awards: grants and prizes with aim of promoting research in the anatomical sciences, including Anatomical Society Research studentships, up to four research studentships awarded annually by competition based on proposed projects from prospective supervisors. Closing date for applications usually early October. Other prizes awarded for papers and funds available for costs associated with research.


35-43 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London WC2A 3PN Tel: 0171 404 6106 Fax: 0171 404 6105 To fund research that will lead to improvements in the prevention, treatment and care of neurological disorders.

Types of awards: research fellowships, considered each year by BBSF's research committee in April and October, awarded to cover research fellow's salary for two year period of fellowship. Fellows may also apply for research training support grant of up to Pounds 2,500 towards costs associated with the fellowship.


ASBAH House, 42 Park Road, Peterborough PE1 2UQ Tel: 01733 555988 Fax: 01733 555985 Email: gillw@asbah.

Web site: www.asbah. Objects and special interests: ASBAH works for people with spina bifida and hydrocephalus.

Types of awards available: project grants and a junior clinical or non clinical research fellowship.

Contact for grant enquiries and applications: secretary to executive director.

Submission of applications: Initially by letter to the executive director giving a brief description of proposed research. This is submitted to the chair of the medical advisory committee. A full protocol may then be requested which will be put to the medical advisory committee. Restrictions: grant applications must relate directly to neural tube defects/hydrocephalus.


Central House, Central Avenue, Ransomes Europark, Ipswich IP3 9QG Tel: 01473 6326 Fax: 63 E-mail: info@livert.

Web site:www.demon. Director: Christopher Buckley objects and special interests: To provide support and information to people affected by liver disease, and to fund research into diseases of the liver and gall bladder.

Types of awards available: senior and junior clinical and non-clinical research fellowships, postgraduate studentships and project grants.

Contact for grant enquiries and applications: Director.


Rowett Research Institute Greenburn Road Bucksburn Aberdeen AB21 9SB Tel: 01224 7151 Fax: 01224 715349 Types of awards: PhD studentships.


East Malling West Malling Kent ME19 6BJ Tel: 01732 843833 Fax: 01732 849067 Types of awards: Postgraduate scholarships and studentships.


31 Rossendale Chelmsford Essex CM1 2UA Tel: 01245 260805 Fax: 01245 260805 Postgraduate scholarships in the field of agriculture. Perry Postgraduate Scholarshps and Perry Research Awards. Contact: David J. Naylor, chief executive and secretary for application forms.

INSTITUTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS 1 Birdcage Walk, London SW1H 9JJ. Tel: 0171 222 7899. Fax: 0171 222 4557. Types of awards: postgraduate scholarships and grants.


3 St Andrews Place, Regent's Park, London NW1 4LB Tel: 0171 486 0341 Fax: 0171 224 2012 Types of awards: research and travel grants.

Guidelines for the award of research fellowships: Grants are awarded up to a maximum sum described in the advertisement according to the seniority of the applicant. The BDF limits its grants to applicants who have been resident in the UK for at least five years.


Bristol Eye Hospital, Lower Maudlin Street Bristol BS1 2LX Tel: 0117 9290024 Fax: 0117 9251421 Types of awards: awards do not normally exceed Pounds 15,000 nor exceed one year's duration. Submissions: application forms will be sent out in April for return by the beginning of June. Requests for application forms should be sent to: Mrs P A Sparkes, grants administrator, at the above address, email


Website: www.users. Laura Ashley fellowships for innovative creation Funding available in the areas of pure and applied science and philosophy but applications will be considered in other fields. The fellowships could take the form of research and development funds and/or living costs for one, two or three years. Please write in with details and enclose a s.a.e and 20p to 3, Cromwell Place, London SW7 2JE.


Joseph Rowntree Foundation Research and Development Programme http:// jrf.html The broad areas covered are housing, social policy, and social care and disability. If you wish to discuss a proposal which falls within the priorities of the foundation's research and development work you can contact the relevant research team at:

The research department Joseph Rowntree Foundation, The Homestead, 40 Water End York YO3 6LP.

Fax: +44 1904 620072 Housing Research Team, tel. +44 1904 615912 Social Care Research Team, tel. +44 1904 615913 Social Policy Research Team, tel. +44 1904 615911 Email: resdept@jrfound. As a rough guide, the final date for receiving finished proposals will be: early December for a decision in March; early March for a decision in June; early June for a decision in September; early September for a decision in December.

The foundation does not have an application form for proposals but does require them to follow a standard format.


Toshiba Fellowship Programme, Toshiba Corporation Europe Office, Audrey House, Ely Place, London EC1N 6SN Tel: 0171 242 7295 Fax: 0171 405 1489 eu/fellowship Toshiba was the first private company to establish a research fellowship for outstanding young British scientists to live and work in Japan. Up to two fellowships per annum are available. A fellowship will be for two years or shorter by mutual agreement.

Candidates must be in possession of a PhD or reliably expected to obtain one by the time the Fellowship commences before the end of the Programme year.

Application forms can be downloaded from the web site during the application period but cannot be accepted outside the application period.

Specific enquiries can be addressed to the Fellowship Office - email


PO Box 00, Hanshaugen 0131 Oslo, Norway Tel: +47 22 03 70 00 Fax: +47 22 03 70 01 email: Types of awards: research fellowships in engineeering tenable in Norway.


Mission des Relations Internationales, 3 rue Michel-Ange, 75794 Paris Cedex 16, France Tel: +33 1 44 96 46 88 Fax: +33 1 44 96 50 00 Types of Awards: Postdoctoral Fellowships and short term bursaries to visit CNRS laboratories.


Grants and Awards Office 29 Great Peter Street, London. SW1P 3LW Tel: 0171 222 2688 Fax: 0171 233 0054 The academy administers the McRobert Award - innovation in engineering - an annual award of Pounds 50,000.

It operates a number of fellowship schemes which help maintain the quality of UK university engineering research in conjunction with industry.


57-58 Russell Square London WC1B 4HP Tel: 0171 323 3686. Fax: 0171 323 3685. Email: Website: The Programme and Conference Fund is used to give financial support for mathematical research in the UK. Any mathematician working in the UK is eligible for a grant, but if an applicant is not a member then the application must be countersigned by an LMS member. Applications should be sent to the society.

Queries regarding applications can be addressed to the Meetings and Membership Secretary, Dr. D.J.H. Garling (telephone 01223 337978; email


Burlington House, Piccadilly, London W1V 0JU. Tel: 0171 434 9944. Fax: 0171 439 8975. Website: www.geolsoc. Society Annual Awards The society has ten medals and six funds which are awarded by council; nominations for these awards are made by the fellows. The funds are restricted to fellows of the society. Nomination forms are available from Ms Claire Tunks, Tel: 0171 434 9944. Fax: 0171 439 8975.

Various small research funds are also awarded annually by the society each March.

In addition, the society awards the Fermor Fellowship, which is held for two or three years.


59 Portland Place London W1N 3AJ Tel: 0171 580 5530 Fax: 0171 637 3626 The Guildford Bench Methodology Fund The fund can give modest support for benchwork (not necessarily biochemical).

Consideration given only to applications carefully compiled from investigators in laboratories with slim financial resources. The fund will suffice for about eight awards per year in the range of Pounds 300 to Pounds 900 focused on the setting-up or consolidation of useful, but not necessarily novel methods (excluding data handling).

Guidance to Applicants Applications, in triplicate, are assessable only if carefully compiled. They should meet annual deadlines. These are: November 1 (inappropriate for seeking a vacation help award) and April 15. Only a minority of awards will exceed Pounds 600 (Pounds 900 limit). Investigators in the UK and Irish Republic are eligible. Society membership is requisite; if not the Biochemical Society, another appropriate body . Applications: The Executive Secretary. Enclose a reply envelope and two spare labels (three if acknowledgement is desired).


The scholarship is primarily intended to help candidates who wish to study for a PhD in biochemistry or an allied biomedical science, but whose careers have been interrupted for non-academic reasons beyond their own control and/or who are unlikely to qualify for an award from public funds. It will cover a small maintenance grant and all necessary fees.

The scholarship will be awarded for one year in the first instance but may be renewed up to a maximum tenure of three years.

The award of a postdoctoral fellowship might be considered for a candidate whose circumstances merit such consideration.

The next scholarship will be awarded in October 1999.

Application forms from: The Assistant Director, Personnel and Administration.

Email: genadmin@biochemsoc. General Travel Fund The society has a fund from which grants are made available to assist eligible members in meeting the cost of attending scientific meetings or for short visits to other laboratories.

Applications will usually be for a proportion of the projected costs only (not exceeding Pounds 500).

The travel grant committee meets four times a year with closing dates for applications of January 1, March 1, May 1 and September 1. Application forms can be obtained from: The Assistant Director.


37 Mortimer Street London W1N 8JU Phone 0171 580 0145 Fax 0171 631 3868 www.mentalhealth. Main Programmes The awards grants to innovative projects and research through four committees, outlined below. Priority is given to projects which will have a wide impact. Committees have specific programmes of work with clear criteria for funding and some applications will be outside our remit.

Scientific Research Committee funds basic science, biomedical and clinical research into the scientific causes and treatment of mental illness. It prioritises research projects of up to Pounds 70,000 over up to 3 years, which are likely to lead to a significant advance in the understanding or treatment of mental illness. A particular focus is given to supporting young researchers. The committee also funds medical student electives and awards an annual essay prize. Further details will be publicised in October 1998 and will be in the field of dementia.

Learning Disabilities Committee funds research, pioneering projects and dissemination. A new programme, Growing Older with Learning Disabilities (GOLD) will start this year. In a series of award sites the needs of older people with a learning disability and their carers will be explored. A detailed policy sheet will be available in July.

Community Services Development Committee funds innovative community projects as part of development programmes which will have a wider impact through evaluation and dissemination of the lessons learned. Strong priority is given to meeting the needs of people with severe and enduring mental health problems. An innovative project is being set up to promote and raise awareness about mental health in schools, youth groups and colleges through interactive peer support systems. Applications and decisions for the project will take place by July. Details of further awards programmes will be available from November.

Scottish Committee considers all applications for grants for Scottish projects concerned with mental health and with learning disabilities, except for scientific research applications which are considered by the London based Scientific Research Committee. Priority will be given this year to work with young people aged 14 to 25 with either severe mental health problems or severe Learning Disabilities.

General Funding Policy The MHF funds projects of a pioneering nature and targets its limited resources so that a significant contribution can be made to the improvement of services for people with mental illness or learning disabilities or to the understanding of the causes of these conditions. The MHF prefers to fund: salaries and specific revenue costs of the new project.

The foundation is unable to provide funding for the following: administrative overheads to academic institutions, projects which are already underway, the organisation of or attendance at conferences (except in special circumstances for existing award holders), general appeals for funds, purchase of capital equipment, grants to individuals for first degrees, intercalated degrees, masters degrees or postgraduate training courses, except where specifically advertised grants for work outside the UK, including research projects which are based outside the UK, cases of individual difficulty, buying, converting, refurbishing or repairing property, acquiring furniture or equipment, general running costs of organisations. The foundation does not generally fund travel, except as an essential part of a project.

The foundation does not normally fund the publication of books or the arrangement of conferences by other organisations, although we may work on joint publications or events.

The following are eligible to apply for awards:

All relevant voluntary organisations, including small organisations who work directly with people in the community and self-help groups; Research departments and organisations; Statutory organisations, but not for work which is a statutory funding responsibility.

The foundation pays grants directly only to organisations, with the exception of medical student electives. Proposals submitted on the form provided to Funding Administrator. For applications to the Scottish Committee please write to: The MHF Scotland, 24 George Square, Glasgow, G2 1EG


12 Hill Square, Edinburgh EH8 9DW Tel: 0131-662 1084; Fax: 0131-662 4947; e-mail: sshert4578 Medical research scholarships and fellowships for young doctors and scientists to carry out specified biomedical research projects in Scotland (one or two years'

respectively) Research Grants of up to three years. While all applications judged on scientific merit, Trust priorities give special consideration to those from researchers under 35 years and which are innovative or for "pump priming" support.

Research Workshops to facilitate understanding and adoption of new research initiatives and methods into Scottish research laboratories SHERT/Nasmyth Travelling Research Scholarship of two year's duration (awarded biennially) to enable young clinically qualified medical scientists to carry out research in up to three overseas centres of excellence Capital Grants of up to Pounds 100,000 for major (single) items of equipment or laboratory refurbishment (only one per annum) Foreign Travel Grants to enable young medical or scientific researchers to spend periods of up to one month overseas gaining experience of a new research method or technique not available in the UK or to visit Scotland to demonstrate such a technique or method.

All applications subjected to independent, international peer review, thereafter consideration by the Biomedical and Therapeutic Research Committee (BTRC) of the Scottish Office Chief Scientist Office. Awards made by the members of the Trust in light of independent referee reports, BTRC recommendations and Trust priorities.

Submissions: Closing dates vary depending on type of award (details on request).

Restrictions: Awards only made for research to be carried out in Scotland.


39 Castle Street. Edinburgh EH2 3BH Tel: 0131 225 1200; Fax: 0131-225 4412; e-mail: mailbox@murraybeith. Applications sought in this funding period for European visiting research fellowships in the humanities to provide funding for arts scholars. Submissions: European Visiting Research Fellowships, Royal Society of Edinburgh, 22-24 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 2PQ by end October.

Restrictions: European Visiting Research Fellowships: recipients proposing to travel to continental Europe must be employed in Scottish HEIs.

INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF UNIVERSITY WOMEN British Federation of Women Graduates, 4 Mandeville Courtyard, 142 Battersea Park Road, London Sw11 4NB. Tel: 0171 498 8037, Fax: 0171 498 8037 IFUW International fellowships and grants The IFUW has limited awards for advanced research for women graduates who are members of the International Federation.

Competitions are held every two years. The deadline for the 1998-99 competition has past and the next awards available will be for the academic year 2000-2001.

Further application details available on the web site.

Funding listings are compiled by Sarah Knowles.

0171 782 3225.

Email: sarah.knowles@



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