Open access fees hike universities’ journal bills

This graphic shows the cost of journal subscriptions to seven of the most popular publishers for 24 UK universities in 2014

九月 24, 2015
Academic journal subscription fees 2014 infographic

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University College London spent the most – almost £3 million – while Imperial College London, and the universities of Birmingham and Bristol, all spent more than £2 million.

The graphic also shows the cost of open access article processing charges (APCs) that the universities paid to “hybrid” journals, which offer both open access and subscription-only content, plus administrative costs. The figures shed light on the scale of “double dipping”, where universities must pay both subscription fees and APCs to a publisher.

According to Monitoring the Transition to Open Access, a report to Universities UK that was released last week, and that is the source of this data, there is “no evidence” that subscription costs have declined, and so “currently, the APCs are examples of additional cost”.

The seven publishers whose fees are included in these totals are Cambridge University Press, Elsevier, Oxford University Press, Sage, Springer, Taylor & Francis and Wiley.


Print headline: It all adds up: open access fees hike universities’ journal bills



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