Odds and quads

九月 2, 2010

Credit: Marketing Central

This is the first in a series called WIPE - poetry and artwork printed on toilet paper in numbered editions of 40 copies - which is held at the University of Plymouth.

The project is the brainchild of British-born David Dellafiora who graduated from Plymouth when it was an art college, and, though now based in Australia, he returns each year to address students.

Instead of producing art for sale in the marketplace, Mr Dellafiora has long been interested in collective projects and, in 1993, set up a group called Field Study, "as a way of reclaiming the negative spaces between art and life".

Established in 1998, the WIPE project is open to anybody and was designed to "transform common toilet paper - which might be considered scatological, as a fine art material - into leaves for a livre d'artiste". There are now 59 "books" in the series.

Send suggestions for this series on the treasures, oddities and curiosities owned by universities across the world to: matthew.reisz@tsleducation.com.



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