Norway to ban Islamic face veils in universities

The Nordic state, known for its liberal social policies, is the latest country to announce plans for a ban on burkas in its education system

十月 18, 2016
burka niqab face veil
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Norway is set to ban Islamic face veils from its universities.

Speaking about the proposed ban on the niqab and burka throughout Norway’s entire education system, the country's education minister Torbjorn Roe Isaksen confirmed that his department is “currently preparing a draft national legislation prohibiting the full veil that covers the entire face in schools, universities and colleges”, French radio station Mosaique FM reported.

The move has been supported by both the right-wing government and the opposition Labour Party and would not apply to Islamic headscarves, such as the hijab, which leave the face uncovered.

“I want a young Christian girl who wears a cross to be able to show it,” said Mr Isaksen, whose comments were reported in the UK's Daily Telegraph.

“I want a Jewish boy who wears a kippa to be able to show it. And I do not want a ban on the hijab,” he added.

The announcement follows the decision by Bulgaria’s parliament to adopt a ban on wearing the full veil in public on 30 September, the Telegraph said.

Switzerland’s lower house also approved a draft bill banning the full face veil in recent weeks, while Germany’s interior minister has confirmed he is in favour of a partial ban

France and Belgium have also decided to enforce their bans in recent years.

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