十一月 2, 2001


University of Plymouth
Rod Blackshaw
, professor and head of the department of agriculture and food studies, has been appointed as the dean of the faculty of land, food and leisure.

Oxford University
Alastair Lack
has succeeded Tim Lewis as secretary of the Oxford University Society. Former head of English programmes for the BBC World Service, he is a committee member of the University College old members' society and of Oxford University's Cricket Club.

e-Learning Foundation
David Goulds
has been appointed commercial director of the Foundation. Formerly director of finance and acting CEO with Arthritis Care, he has also worked for the City of Westminster and at North Westminster Community School.


University of Manchester
Recent promotions:
Clifford Garratt , former senior clinical research fellow and honorary reader, as professor of cardiology;
Fiona Devine
, former reader, as professor of sociology;
Louis Kushnik
, former senior lecturer in sociology and director of the Ahmad Iqbal Ullah Race Relations Archive, as professorial fellow, he also continues as director of the archive.

University of Abertay, Dundee
Moya Morison
, already a member of the university's school of social and health services, has been appointed as its first professor of health and nursing.

University of Ulster
Barbara Livingstone
, reader within the School of Biomedical Sciences has been appointed professor of nutrition;
Helene McNulty , senior lecturer within the School of Biomedical Sciences, has been appointed professor of human nutrition and dietetics;
Clive Mulholland , Director of Lifelong Learning, has been appointed professor of technology enhanced learning.

University of Luton
Phil Davies
, former Deputy Dean of Luton Business School, has been appointed to the post of Director of Corporate Partnerships and Development.


Jean Elisabeth Marcus
, University of Victoria biology student, has been awarded the J.H. Stewart Reid Memorial Fellowship from the Canadian Association for University Teachers. She is currently engaged on research to document change at vents of Axmial Seamount, a volcano at the top of Juan de Fuca Ridge in the Northeast Pacific.

Graham Taylor , DPhil student in the department of zoology and a lecturer at Pembroke College, University of Oxford, has been named Science Graduate of the Year for his work on animal flight dynamics.

The Institute of Linguists presented the following prizes at a ceremony on October 25th:

The Crystal Award for the best group entry in the Institute's Diploma of English: City University ;

The Ann Corsellis Award , for the best candidate in the Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (Hungarian): Anna Piroska Williams ;

The Nuffield Trophy , for best group entry in the DPSI: East Birmingham College .

The Peter Beaconsfield Prize for 2001 has been awarded to Michael Reade , Nuffield department of anaesthetics and the department of human anatomy and genetics.

Charles Plummeridge has had the title Reader of Education conferred on him by the Institute of Education , University of London.

Professor Stephen Aldhouse-Green , has been awarded a personal chair by the University of Wales . He is professor of human origins and head of archaeology in the school of humanities and sciences at University of Wales College at Newport.


University of Huddersfield

Prof. P. A. Barnes , £60,000 from DERA (Activation of carbon fibres by rate controlled methods); Prof. P. A. Barnes , £52,000 from EPSRC (Relationship between physical micro structure and catalytic reactivity);
Prof. E. Charsley , £15,000 from Defence Procurement Agency of Switzerland (Thermal studies on the Titanium-Manganese Dioxide and Zirconium-Manganese Dioxide systems);
Prof. J. Gunn , £5,925 from Countryside Council for Wales (Hydrogeological assessment of impact of a proposed quarry dewatering operation at Cwn Cadlan grassland);
Prof. J. Gunn , £8,800 from English Nature (Location of special interest features in SSSL’s outside Castleton);
Dr K. Hemming ,  £21,045 from EPSRC (New Standinger/Aza-Wittig routes for Hetrocycles, Organophosphorous Compounds and Chiral, Non-Racemic Amines);
Dr J. Perkins , £1,343 from Charity (Land use influences on the indicator bacterial quality of a small stream in Yorkshire);
Dr G. Parkes , £6,000 from QINETIQ (The effect of microwave radiation pyrotechnic ingredients);
Dr M. B. Richards , £8,850 from United productions (Mitochondrial DNA variation in Malaysia and America);
Mrs D. Downs , £94,320 from TCD and Chemlink (Teaching Company Scheme);
Prof. B. S. Smith , £65,197 from EPSRC (Constraint programming search and symmetry);
Dr S. Ward , £41,820 from EPSRC and Rotography (3D Panoramic image capture of virtual environment construction);
Mr H. Gosal , £16,435 from CAPITB (Managing Diversity (Graduate Employment);
Dr C. E. Herrick , £48,166 from KMC (Fast lane evaluation);
Dr M. J. Pearson and Prof. C. Cullingford , £42,000 from Kirklees M.C. and SureStart Thornhill (Evaluation of Sure Start in Thornhill);
Dr J. Watson ,  £49,369 from EPSRC (Built-self-test of analogue circuits using transient response testing and optimised fault sets);
Dr J. Watson , £97,320 from TCS (programme No. 3664);
Prof. R. W. Burnham , £10,000 from Home Office (Establishing statistical databases on transnational and organised crime in France and Italy);
Ms S. Chenery , £22,114 from Home Office (Secure by Design - Main report);  
Ms S. Chenery , £21,998 from Burnley Borough Council (Evaluation of CCTV initiative (Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale);
Ms S. Chenery , £9,888 from Youth Offending Team (Health impact on the victims of crime);
Ms S. Chenery , £,475 from Home Office (Extension to the evaluation of Home Office burglary projects in the North of England);
Ms J. E. Firth , £1,800 from NHS (Calderdale community nursing review:  Including district nursing, health visiting and out-of-hours services);
Dr C. Horrocks , £15,000 from  NHS (Domestic violence and the interface between health services);
Dr C. Horrocks , £7,000 from Wakefield Health Authority (Drug court: Narrative Research and self change);
Mr M. Kazi , £10,000 from Moray Council (evaluation of Moray councils child/youth care services);
Mr M. Kazi , £3,159 from West Yorkshire Probation Board (Integration of ethnic minority groups in West Yorkshire probation bail houses);
Mr M. Kazi , £5,000 from NHS Leeds Community (Evaluation proposal for support and intervention indicator);
Mr M. Kazi , £10,000 from Wakefield Health Authority (Evaluation of the Accord project in Wakefield);                                                          
Prof. J. McAuley , £12,630 from ESRC (Northern Ireland: Changing politics and identity after the Good Friday Agreement);                                                                                         
Mrs J. Nixon , £30,000 from Kirkwood Hospice (Paediatric palliative care provision in Calderdale and Kirklees:  Service review and assessment);
Prof. N. Parton , £30,424 from NSPCC (Child protection and applied childhood studies);
Dr D. Barnett , £52,000 from Alexander Von Humbolt Foundation (Anti Teater and after: Rainer Werner Fassbinder and German theatre).


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