Nanoelectronics technologies 2020: a European strategic research agenda

August 4, 2005

Brussels, 03 Aug 2005

The European Nanoelectronics Initiative advisory council (ENIAC) is organising a workshop to take place on 16 September in Grenoble, France, entitled 'Nanoelectronics technologies 2020: a European strategic research agenda'.

A key deliverable of the European Nanoelectronics Technology Platform is a strategic research agenda (SRA) detailing the research priorities for Europe in this field. A group of researchers from industry and academia has already defined this document, and the results will be presented to the European scientific community during the workshop.

An open discussion will follow to collect the input of participants and refine criteria to be used for future revisions. The programme includes:
- introduction to the European Nanoelectronics Technology Platform;
- the structure of the SRA: executive summary;
- design, equipment and materials;
- roundtable: methodology for revision and implementation.

For further information, please consult the following web address:
http:/// ent_160905.htm

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