Don's diary

十月 29, 1999


In the office of the OTHER media, Kingston University's new media design consultancy, by 8.45am for planning meeting - we have deadlines for the World Wildlife Fund, London Zoo and a proposal to write for a major new women's website.

Email and phone calls - Kingston University students want supervisors - usually four students per member of staff but so many want to do new media projects this year that I will probably agree to take more.

Meeting at Whitespace Studios - Kingston University's experimental centre for the moving image - we are planning a joint seminar series on e-commerce.


Video conference session with students at Hyper Island, the university of new media design I helped to set up in Karlskrona, Sweden. The subject matter today is project costing. Video conferencing is not as good as face-to-face teaching but Hyper Island students like the mixture of teaching styles. They are working on a proposal for a retail e-commerce site and have lots of questions.


Technical spec to be written for a news-gathering robot for the OTHER media.

One of our Kingston placement students will work on it next week and it may become the basis for a final-year dissertation.

Afternoon rush of students wanting to sign off their project proposals - rope people at the OTHER media into discussing some of their ideas - most of them are ex-Kingston anyway and know the procedure.

Evening at home finalising Friday's Desktop TV lecture.


Day spent at home writing a conference paper on education and new media. Three of the OTHER media staff turn up for dinner with ideas for new projects.


Client meetings mean I have to leave the house before 8am. We meet at the Digital Media Research Labs in Farringdon, which the OTHER media has set up with Cable & Wireless, Lloyds TSB and Rufus Leonard.

Rush back to Kingston for afternoon of desktop TV teaching at the university.

Information systems increasingly involve high bandwidth video content and the course lets students experiment and understand the technical and business issues. Out for dinner.


Day off but end up in Waterstones looking for books on mobile internet devices!


Everyone is at the OTHER media to meet Monday deadline for finishing a site and a proposal. I have two talks to give next week so most of the day is spent adapting previous sessions. I get a call from the European Multimedia Awards - I was chair this year and they want some quotes for a PR piece.

Evening in front of the television.

Jonathan Briggs is the UK's only professor of new-media design, Kingston University, and strategy director, the OTHER media.

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