Mapped: Impact Rankings 2020

At THE, we believe that universities represent the greatest hope of solving some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Our THE Impact Rankings are designed to shine a light on the commitment of universities around the world to making a positive social and economic impact through their work towards the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); from eradicating poverty and promoting good health and wellbeing to ensuring gender equality and taking action on climate change. Just by participating these universities are demonstrating the important role they’re playing in championing a better and more sustainable future.

In this interactive, you can dive into the data around the overall ranking to explore the role of 766 universities across 85 countries and regions. Zoom in to see universities at a country level, their overall rank and top three SDGs. Choose between ranking band, region and national income level (based on World Bank and UN classifications) to see the stories the data tells about global and regional trends. Then head over to see the full rankings tables, or read our related editorial and THE Impact Rankings 2020 methodology. You can also find out about our new data product, the SDG Impact Dashboard.


泰晤士高等教育大学影响力排名是唯一一个基于联合国可持续发展目标(Sustainable Development Goals,简称SDGs)来评估全球大学的排名。我们采用经过精心校准的指标来全面且均衡地比较三个宽广的领域,包括:研究、推广和管理。


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