Wenzhou-Kean UniversityWKU-CBPM Students Enhance their Research Experience through Attending Academic Conference at Matsumoto University, Japan

WKU-CBPM Students Enhance their Research Experience through Attending Academic Conference at Matsumoto University, Japan

Student participating in research in CBPM is a great way to customize what they are leaning in their specific field of study and pursue a topic in-depth with the help from a faculty scholar like Dr. Candy Lim Chiu. Under her supervision, eight (8) young scholars of College of Business and Public Management (CBPM) has successfully presented their research papers at the 20th Asia Pacific Management Conference (APMC) at Matsumoto University, Japan from September 5 to 7, 2018. The aim of the conference is to provide a forum for academics and professionals to share experiences and knowledge for growth and sustainability in Asia-Pacific. Three (3) research papers were presented during the conference are:

(1) Authors: Jingxin Zhang, Mingrui Li, Siyu Wei, Shengnan Xu, and Xiaotong Chai

Research work titled: Environmental Disclosures in the China Energy Industry

Abstract: Nowadays, the increasingly serious environmental problems lead the Environmental Disclosure for companies become more and more important. Some developed countries already have systemic environmental disclosures for the companies. However, environmental disclosures are not regulated well in many developing countries. China, one of the biggest developing countries in the world, seems like facing some problems with environmental disclosures. This study aims to study the correlation between environmental disclosure and financial performance in the China energy industry. Moreover, this study also tries to examine the corporate environmental disclosure practices among China energy companies listed in the China stock exchange in 2017.

(2) Authors: Shengnan Xu, Xiaotong Chai, Jingxin Zhang, Mingrui Li, and Siyu Wei

Research work titled: Study of Industry Structure in Relation to the Environmental Performance Index (EPI) in a Provincial Level of China from 2012 to 2016

Abstract: With the growth of China’s economy, the country is struggling to harmonize economic development and environmental concerns. Although China’s government makes its efforts and enacts policies to protect the environment, the results are criticized by the public due to environmental issues in China. Therefore, this study use Environmental Performance Index (EPI) to answer three main questions:

(1) what are the key environmental indicators (e.g. air or atmosphere, waste, and water etc.) in different provinces of China from 2012 to 2016;

(2) what progress has been made on the Chinese environmental issues?

(3) what are some of the factors that can help to explain differences in EPI performance on these issues? The results of this study will give a valuable reference for government to supervise and enact policies. In addition to that, it also provides a reference for corporations to fulfill their corporate social responsibility by disclosing more environmental information and regulating their operational behavior in relation to the environment.

(3) Authors: Qi Zhang, Yanrou Wang, and Ying Ai

Research work titled: A Study of Luxury Brand Performance before and after Economic Recession (2007-2010) in China

Abstract: As the effect of the economic crisis caused dim prospects for luxury brands in Europe and North America. China’s booming economy has offered luxury brands some of the world’s growth opportunities. The luxury brands that survived and expanded during this economic crisis proved that their strategies fit the test of the global market conditions. The purpose of this paper is to summarize economic indicators and to show their influence during the economic recession (2007-2010) in luxury companies’ profitability. This study provides a deeper understanding of these indicators are essential for the luxury industry to survive and to mitigate the consequences of the financial and economic crisis mainly when global luxury consumption is down during unstable business situation.

There are many opportunities at CBPM for students to engage in creating knowledge through research. So, no matter what career path student choose to pursue in business, they will graduate with the knowledge needed to make an impact in the business world.

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