Wenzhou-Kean UniversityStudent Partnering with Faculty (SpF) Research Programs/Student Partnering with Staff (SpS) Research Programs

Student Partnering with Faculty (SpF) Research Programs/Student Partnering with Staff (SpS) Research Programs

SpF/SpS is a competitive program that was developed to support student and faculty/staff research.  The implementation of these projects has played a great role in promoting the enthusiasm and ability of undergraduates in scientific research and has promoted the practical application of theoretical knowledge. Some students have achieved good results in their projects then published academic papers cooperatively, and some participated in academic conferences or competitions domestically or internationally on behalf of the University. They also conducted further and in-depth studies on their projects with the funding support from the government. By the end of 2019, nearly 200 students and 30 faculty have participated in the SpF/SpS program, and 90 projects have been implemented with the sponsorship of more than 2.1 million RMB.

Student Research Day Program

Student Research Day Program (SRD) is a platform to present and share students’ research projects and achievements. On SRD, students will have an exciting program of presentations, poster sessions, project demonstrations, and creative works exhibitions. This is a chance for students to learn and polish their research skills, to practice their presentation skills. It aims to enhance the academic research atmosphere in the University and to encourage students to combine their knowledge with practical application, and to conduct exploration and research concerning the hot topics related to contemporary China’s economic and social development from There are awards for the most excellent student research and supervisor on SRD. The implementation of SRD plays a key role in cultivating students’ critical thinking, team-work ability, and social practical skills. Furthermore, it constitutes a necessary part of practical education in the University. So far more than 1200 students have participated to present the results of their scientific research projects.

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