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What is a Video Assessment?

Many Universities around the world (including many Business Schools) have started using asynchronous virtual interviews as standard assessments that are a part of the larger admissions selection process. These are not LIVE, and can be taken up by candidates at a convenient time (albeit within the submission deadline) allowing many to be in the right mindset while submitting their answers to the questions asked.

In this assessment type, the candidate is expected to record the answers to a set of pre-recorded questions asked by the University recruitment team. This new format allows both the candidate as well as the University admissions representative to avoid challenges associated with LIVE video interviews that may have issues of bandwidth or scheduling.

In the post-COVID world, we expect more Universities to shift to such asynchronous mode of virtual assessments to select students, as many Universities have had no choice but to relax norms or requirements of English tests (and other tests such as the GMAT or the GRE) due to the ongoing health emergency. This means that Universities will definitely want to assess critical competencies and profile based enquiries through such an assessment.

About Libereka Mock interviews:

Libereka will provide you with the required practice, detailed analysis, and feedback provided by some of the top admissions experts globally. You will go through the exact experience similar to the final video assessment, and we will base our questions on your CV and the target school/program.

Expert Panel:

The interviews will be designed and analysed by a bench of admissions experts who themselves are the alumni of some of the top Universities and Business Schools from across the world, and have over 10 years of experience in preparing candidates for International University admissions.

The team includes:

* Max Jamilly - University of Cambridge, PHD - University of Oxford

* Sam Firman - University of Oxford, London School of Economics

* Soumik Ganguly - London Business School

* Shauna Strauss - Assistant Director, MS Programs Career Development - Santa Clara University

* Arun Jagannathan - Founder, CrackVerbal


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