Libereka's vision is to create the world's first and largest student recruitment marketplace - that will allow Universities and students securely and directly to transact for admissions at best fit University programs. Such a decentralised marketplace will provide micro-scholarships/ micro-funding to empower and enable millions of students from across the world to start an international career, while reducing the risks associated for recruiting Universities by 90%. Libereka will also the first platform in the international mobility domain to use blockchain technology to make such interactions secure and verifiable.

Libereka currently provides solutions to GME and other postgrad admissions teams with middle-of-the-funnel lead generation with a 100% compliance of promised deliverables.

For candidates, Libereka continues to provide innovative tools & services that solve real problems, such as - University Application immunity for managing application risks in the post-COVID world, Free Documents verification, Video assessments mock interviews, and many more.

Founded by Soumik Ganguly, an alumni of the London Business School with an experience of leading digital businesses at some of the largest web platforms in the domain, Libereka boasts of a strong team with a passion to create a positive impact in the lives of students and Universities globally.