HuaweiCollaboration between academia and business will shape the future of tech innovation

Collaboration between academia and business will shape the future of tech innovation

Partnering with industry leaders like Huawei can help Asian higher education institutions expand their research power, enhance social impact and develop talent

When higher education pairs its research talent with industry expertise and investment, technological innovation accelerates at pace. The combined resources have a multiplier effect, allowing new tech to be taken out of the lab and into society.

Speaking at the Times Higher Education Asia Universities Summit, Catherine Chen, president of the public affairs and communications department at Huawei, reaffirmed the company’s commitment to research partnerships across the world and spoke of the great strides that Japanese researchers have made in collaboration with Huawei.

As a leader in the ICT market, Huawei has created a virtuous cycle of innovation and investment, and is opening new markets for Japanese companies. Chen referenced one university-run company whose medical glue was incredibly conductive and highly efficient in transmitting optical signals.

“Huawei started working with this company, provided them with industry demand, and supported them with testing and improvement,” Chen said. “This glue is now readily used on Huawei’s printed circuit boards. Every year, over 10 million printed circuit boards are shipped and used in Huawei’s equipment alone. We have helped this company expand its business from healthcare to the ICT equipment industry, presenting them with new opportunities and helping them go global.”

Crucially, when Huawei collaborates with academia, the intellectual property remains with the researchers and the institute, and Huawei does not do not pursue any resulting rights or interests. “We have funded the research of over 300 professors, and we never demand any intellectual property from their research,” Chen said.

Initiatives such as the Huawei Innovation Research Programme and internships help nurture talent and the company’s links with local partners.

“These diverse programmes allow Huawei to deeply engage and work with academia and industry,” Chen said. “We have never stopped pursuing innovation, research and business development. We want to do our part for humanity.”

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