HuaweiBridging the digital skills gap through Huawei’s ICT Talent initiatives

Bridging the digital skills gap through Huawei’s ICT Talent initiatives

Industry-led courses can offer up-to-date training for students and scholars of all ages

As society transitions out of the Covid-19 pandemic and into a new phase of digitisation, the question of how to promote employability among graduates is ever-present for education leaders.

Speaking at a session held at a THE Student Festivals series on studying in the UK, Pallavi Malhotra – director of Huawei’s ICT Academy Programme in Western Europe – explained some of the ways Huawei helps bridge the digital skills gap, supporting both academic learning and employer needs.

As part of its ICT Talent initiative, Huawei provides learning resources and simulation tools through its support platform designed to encourage and support learners in the STEM sector. A series of courses are available, ranging in length and intensity.

One example is Seeds of the Future, a three-week programme giving students the opportunity to visit Huawei’s headquarters in Shenzhen, China. “It’s an opportunity for students to see our technology demo centre, discuss technologies like the Cloud, AI and 5G and understand what it’s like to operate in Chinese culture,” Malhotra said. “I would encourage students to apply for it. It’s fantastic.”

For graduates, a six-month dynamic training programme gives participants the opportunity to learn about Huawei’s structure and “kick-start their career” in the technology sector while getting paid for it.

Huawei’s wide-reaching ICT Academies offer courses at three levels – associate, professional and expert – allowing students to begin a course during their degree and continue on the programme after graduating.

“We know that tech is developing at a rapid rate and it’s not always possible for academics to keep up to date with the latest technologies. This is a great way for academia and students to have access to all the latest industry knowledge,” Malhotra said.

Courses and learning materials are available online for anyone aged 16 and over, with teachers and students able to access content and undertake qualifications for free.

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