十月 25, 1996

THE ROYAL SOCIETY The recommendations of the council have been approved for the award of three Royal Medals for 1996: A. Wiles, professor of mathematics at Princeton University, United States, in recognition of his achievements in number theory, in particular Fermat's Last Theorem and his achievements in algebraic number theory, particularly the celebrated main conjecture on cyclotomic fields.

J. Heslop-Harrison, former Royal Society research professor at the AFRC Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research, Aberystwyth, in recognition of his pioneering work in plant reproductive biology, in particular the areas of taxonomy and ecology, whole plant physiology, development of sub-cellular systems in somatic and reproductive cells, pollen/stigma interaction and acto/myosin transport systems within the pollen tube.

R. Hinde, former master of St John's College, Cambridge, Royal Society research professor at the University of Cambridge and honourary director of the Medical Research Council development and integration of behaviour group, in recognition of his contributions to the field of animal behaviour and the dominant influence it achieved in the emerging field of ethology.

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