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University Calculus. First Edition

十一月 24, 2006

This beautifully presented textbook on calculus produced in the US is a condensed, faster paced version of an established work: namely, Thomas' Calculus . The aim has been to maintain a consistent level of rigour throughout and this has resulted in a text fully appropriate for UK universities.

The book is supported by various print supplements in the form of solution manuals for staff and students, and student outlines that reinforce important concepts and provide extra problems. There is a website ( ) and "qualified adopters" can make use of the Addison-Wesley Math Tutor Center. One of the book's features is the location of the two chapters on differential equations solely online, rather than in the text. Interested readers can thus quickly gain an impression of the quality of the book by looking at the web-based chapters.

The book has many excellent diagrams that, along with the clear writing style, make it an ideal text for readers working alone. Indeed, such is the clarity of writing and level of explanation that the early chapters could be suitable for a school-leaver intending to take a maths degree.

There is an excellent selection of applications given at appropriate points and in the exercises. At least one author has worked on developing courses in mathematical modelling. The text has worked examples, in-chapter exercises, and each chapter closes with additional exercises. A feature that will again help the lone reader is the use of brief explanatory notes to the examples.

Nigel Steele is emeritus professor of mathematics, Coventry University.

University Calculus. First Edition

Author - Joel Haas, Maurice D. Weir and George B. Thomas Jnr
Publisher - Addison-Wesley
Pages - 930
Price - £34.99
ISBN - 0 321 35014 6



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