About UNNC

University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) was the first Sino-foreign university to open its doors in China. Established in 2004 we are run by The University of Nottingham.

Located in the prosperous city of Ningbo in China's Zhejiang province, we offer degree programmes taught in English as well as leading-edge research and development.

The University is an equal opportunity employer and a University with dense academic atmosphere. We value the diversity of individuals, backgrounds, ideas, perspectives, insights and values, and what you bring to the University. 

The University provides Competitive compensation and sound benefits, Systematic training programs and development opportunities home and abroad, Attractive and challenging assignments, Pleasant working environment and balanced work-life, Convenient transportation, etc.

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Teaching and Research

UNNC has an outstanding reputation for teaching quality. Our academic staff members are selected from the top universities, research institutes and companies from at least 40 countries worldwide on the basis of their excellence in teaching and research.

With the emphasis on teaching quality and a learning environment which is research-informed, internationally oriented but always locally grounded, UNNC is committed to provide leading research expertise that is relevant to local interests and needs.

Awarded with the highest possible teaching quality by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), Nottingham expressed confidence in the provision of teaching and learning to ensure that the University is consistently among the highest ranking performers in independent teaching assessments.

At UNNC, research spans all faculties and disciplines committed to providing world-leading research expertise that is relevant to China’s interests and needs. The University owns 16 research centres and institutes that are generating high-impact research, and the research capacity is still growing.  The university also exchanges knowledge and expertise with external organisations for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and large businesses, with the prospect of delivering impact and creating value for the university and the wider economy. Current key research initiatives are focused on marine economy, advanced materials, digital economy and energy storage. The University provides a source of funds for academic professional staff to take advantage of professional development opportunities. Staff is also eligible to receive strong government support at municipal, provincial, national and international levels to work on high-end technological and entrepreneurial projects. By harnessing our world-class research across a range of disciplines and building global partnerships, UNNC is in the progress of shaping the future.

Engagement and Partnerships

UNNC’s research spans many industry sectors across the globe, the University works together with a very wide range of local, national and international partners on joint research activities, including Ningbo Science & Technology Bureau, Zhejiang Natural Science Foundation, and UK Royal Society exchange fund , etc. UNNC recognises the huge opportunities that remain in mainland China, and opportunities to enhance the local engagement.

Apart from domestic and international partnerships, UNNC has also proactively launched China Life Cycle, an annual campaign in align with the UK campus to fundraise for life-changing research and support for the less unfortunate to inspire the magic of education and to help make a better world.

From counselling and finance to health care and travel, UNNC offers support throughout careers and beyond, and aims to give staff a global and through-life home for the continuing professional development. UNNC assists with the practicalities of relocating and ensures that staff settles seamlessly in Ningbo. With the fully furnished modern work space, onsite canteens, recreational amenities, and campus accommodations, as well as immediate access to outdoor activities such as mountain biking, rock climbing, sea kayaking and marine tourism, staff members are able to enjoy their lives in Ningbo.

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Located in northeast Zhejiang province in China, Ningbo is a sub-provincial city has its own economic, technological, industrial and trade development zones. The city houses 7.6 million residents and comprises urban districts, rural counties, and islands including the Hangzhou Bay, which separates Ningbo geologically from Shanghai.

As one of China’s oldest cities, with a history dating to the Hemudu culture in 4800 BC, the city preserves several oldest surviving buildings in Chinese histories. The city has a few cultural tourist attractions such as Tianyi Pavilion, Baoguo Temple, Tianfeng Pagoda and more.  

With comprehensive education, healthcare, and public services systems, Ningbo ranked third in the top ten happiest Chinese cities in 2017. As one of the best cities to live in China, Ningbo is in the tropic monsoon humid climate zone with a clear distinction between the four seasons which makes it perfect to rejuvenate oneself in the free time. 

Ningbo offers the opportunity to indulge into leisure activities, such as museums, boutique resorts, spas, shopping area and restaurants with the choice of both western and Asian food.

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