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Via Carlo Bo, 1, Milano, 20143, Italy

Università IULM is widely recognized as the centre of excellence in Italy for training and professionally-oriented study in Communication and New Media, Languages, Tourism, Promotion of Cultural Heritage, Arts, Design and Creative Industries.

Knowledge, awareness and expertise: for more than 50 years Università IULM has been building its educational mission on these three cornerstones, integrating cultural preparation, soft skills and professional competence. It offers innovative training courses, a mix of theory and practice strictly connected to the real world and particularly focused on new job profiles in the fields of corporate communication, marketing, media, interpreting and translation, public relations, cultural events, tourism, arts and design. Università IULM courses allow the acquisition of those soft skills that are in high demand in the labour market (teamwork, decision-making, communication).

Università IULM is an inspiring place to study and research. To enrich the academic perspective, Università IULM offers its community Research Centres such as the Behavior & Brain Lab, the Centre for Strategic Communication (CECOMS), the Center for International Marketing & Sales Communication (CIMASC), the Centre for Employee Relations and Communication, the Euresis Center for Diagnosis Intervention DSA Research, the Human Lab Observatory, the IULM Wine Institute (IWI), the Public Communication, Public Branding and Digital Transformation Monitoring Centre, the Retail Brand Communication Monitoring Centre, the university spin-off IULM AI Lab, and cutting-edge laboratories including Journalism Lab, a Film/TV production room and sound stage, a multimedia laboratory dedicated to integrated multimedia audio-visual production and a simultaneous interpretation classroom.

Università IULM’s programmes at a glance

7 undergraduate Degree Courses (Bachelor’s Degrees)

7 postgraduate 2-year Masters Degrees

40+ postgraduate 1-year Masters Degrees and Executive Courses, the following are in English:  

2 PhD programmes

Since its foundation in 1968, Università IULM has always been a pioneer, anticipating trends and adapting to changes, acting as a dynamic force in a constantly evolving global system.

Today IULM is the academic centre of excellence for the training of future leaders. Its mission is to guide and shape professionals able to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities emerging from international markets and transformational scenarios. IULM helps form graduates and professionals who are aware of themselves and their value.

IULM guarantees its students a comprehensive cultural preparation, a unique mix of theory and practical experience: an integrated approach that has consistently proven extremely useful to successfully enter the world of work and to achieve professional and personal fulfillment.

This is demonstrated by the results of the AlmaLaurea Graduates’ Employment Status Survey (2021)  revealing that one year after graduation the employment rate is 53.8% for three-year graduates and 74.8% for second level graduates, in both cases higher than the national average. Five years after graduation, the employment rate for Master's degree graduates rises to 90.6% (compared to 88.1% of the national average).

Internships are also a core priority for IULM, with considerable resources devoted to identifying and managing the most academically-relevant and career-enhancing internship experiences in Italy and abroad for IULM students and graduates.

Student mobility: Università IULM encourages student mobility by supporting intercultural exchanges. Our network of partnerships includes more than 150 universities and institutions in Europe and all over the world.

Universtà IULM offers its students a series of services to support them throughout their university career and maximize their efforts, starting from high school orientation to the  enrollment, to study methodology and stress management seminars, to peer tutoring, mentoring, mindfulness and psychological counseling.

Università IULM is a dynamic, innovative and contemporary university where the richness of activities and the social relevance of programmes are combined with a focus on the individual and a global outlook. In its YouMan platform Università IULM implements agreements and international cooperation initiatives with NGOs, multilateral bodies, associations, companies and research centres around the world, with a particular focus on social values and aspects of innovation and sustainability.

Under the series of activities and initiatives named IULM Flow, Università IULM aims to bring online the debate on today's major issues, problems, ideas and initiatives of international interest and beyond, overcoming cultural barriers and dialoguing with an audience from the five continents, with the aim of promoting an inclusive community, forstering a mutual exchange of knowledge and equality of opportunities without any form of discrimination.

IULM is committed as the highest priority to making sustainability an integral part of the university experience: knowledge and engagement drive this new attitude involving the entire community, in the conviction that implementing conscious behaviors every day is the key to achieving long-term sustainable results. Università IULM is promoting sustainable development aligned with the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): inclusive policies and social engagement, as well as the over ten-year commitment to the development of services in support of disability and diversity contribute to rank Università IULM among the top 300 universities in the world in the Impact Rankings 2021 for the SDG no. 5 “Gender Equality” and no. 10 "Reducing inequalities".

The IULM Campus in Milan and student life

Università IULM campus offers unsurpassed facilities for both learning and university life. Surrounded by a flowered garden, it is an attractive place to study as well as an important venue for concerts, exhibitions, conferences, cultural and artistic events thereby making the University a multipurpose cultural centre for the city of Milan.

Each year more than 200.000 students choose Milan to forge their future professional lives - in one of the safest and most student-friendly cities in Europe and in the world. Milan offers a wide variety of activities - with a world-famous focus on art, design, fashion and culture -- within easy reach of other areas of Italy and the rest of Europe and an excellent public transport system.

IULM Milan Campus in figures

7 academic buildings
2 auditoriums
9 multimedia rooms
1 library
1 Fitness Centre
2 university residence halls with a total of 210 beds
1 canteen
3 cafeterias

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  • 7,841
    Number of FTE Students
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Universita IULM 的授予学科

  • Arts & humanities

    • Art, Performing Arts & Design
    • Languages, Literature & Linguistics
  • Social sciences

    • Politics & International Studies (incl Development Studies)
    • Communication & Media Studies
  • Business & economics

    • Business & Management