Omsk State Technical University

2020 Impact Rankings
2020 Impact Rankings: 体面工作和经济增长
2020 Impact Rankings: 优质教育
11 Mira, Omsk, 644050, Russian Federation

关于 Omsk State Technical University

Omsk State Technical University has an ambitious vision to teach students how to change the world.

Students can specialise in a number of subjects including engineering,electronics, mechanics, social work, economics, tourism and many others. The teaching is focused on being innovative and there is a high emphasis on research. Omsk State Technical University is keen to sustain strong relationships with businesses and allow students to show their capabilities within the industry.

With 15 educational buildings surrounded by dormitories, a media centre and a sports centre, the campus is vast yet compact. It is equipped with modern equipment throughout and all of the main buildings are well-connected. For disabled students, Omsk State Technical University thrives on its principles of inclusive education and has many features to ensure accessibility.

There are a number of different sports facilities, including the university's own swimming pool. Students are welcome to join teams and represent the university at regional level.

The library is the largest university library in the region, with more than 8 million electronic and printed publications. Students are able to use the library 24/7, as well as access other educational facilities six days a week.

After graduating in 1959, Anatoly Trofimovich Chernousov has become a notable alumnus of Omsk State Technical University. He studied design engineering and went straight into the industry. He also supported the local community and taught physics and mathematics. As a result, he started to travel a lot with his students and discovered a passion for writing. In 1974, Anatoly was admitted to the Union of Soviet Writers, and in 1987 he was awarded the Order "Badge of Honor".

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