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Postbus 616, Maastricht, 6200 MD, Netherlands

关于 Maastricht University

At Maastricht University we go the extra mile. Students and staff choose Maastricht for its pioneering character. The youngest university in the Netherlands, we introduced the Problem Based Learning system. An innovative way of learning that stimulates our students to develop their personal academic skills. It is one of the added values of our university, which contributes to make our graduates attractive employees. Our employment rate is 93%.

Our top research is focussed on three university-wide themes – Europe and a Globalising World, Learning and Innovation, and Quality of Life. Curiosity driven and applied research results in solutions for global issues. Cultured Lab Meat has been invented in Maastricht. It represents the crucial first step in finding a sustainable alternative to meat production. Our innovative medical devices like special hearing equipment help patients to uplift their daily lives. In the slums of India people live longer thanks to our smoke reducing cook stove.

Located in the heart of Europe, with over 100 nationalities, UM is home to the most international student body in the Netherlands. The majority of our programmes embrace international themes and are taught either entirely or partly in English. We approach problems from a variety of perspectives. In this way, our ‘international classroom’ serves to prepare students for the rapidly changing and globalising labour market.

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  • 17,326
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