Beloit College

2020 美国大学排名
700 College St., Beloit, Wisconsin, 53511, United States

关于 Beloit College

Beloit College was established in Beloit Wisconsin in 1846, making it the oldest college in Wisconsin. Beloit College was founded by a group of pioneers who arrived in Wisconsin Territory after travelling from New England. The pioneers raised the funds to found a college for the people of the territory and the first building of Beloit College was opened in 1847. The curriculum focused on classical studies but allowed students freedom to direct their own education. Beloit is proud to have continued this trend for innovation and experimentation in the curriculum.

Today Beloit is a liberal arts college with a little over 1,200 undergraduates enrolled. Beloit offers over 50 majors and 30 minors with a smattering of dual-degree and pre-professional programs. The nature of study tends to be interdisciplinary and experimental and the university encourages collaboration, fieldwork and independent research.

Beloit is situated on a 40-acre campus with 28 buildings of varying styles and ages, of which four are recognised historic buildings. The campus consists of lawns and winding pathways and is situated on river bluffs. Beloit is roughly 90 miles northwest of Chicago and one hour’s drive south of the city of Milwaukee.

The campus also features its very own collection of Native American burial mounds, some of which are shaped like animals (this is where Beloit got it’s unofficial tortoise mascot from). Archaeological finds from the mounds are displayed at the college’s on-campus museum of anthropology.

A small minority of Beloit students are from outside the USA and the college has over 40 nationalities represented within its student body. Once a year Beloit hosts its Cultural Symposium, allowing students of different backgrounds to share their cultural experiences. 

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