THE Asia-Pacific Rankings 2017: regional values

Covering a huge geographical area, the Asia-Pacific University Rankings showcase a region that has a rapidly expanding and rapidly changing higher education system

七月 4, 2017
Asia-Pacific region at night

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Eligible countries/regions
American Samoa Macao Philippines
Australia Malaysia Samoa
Brunei Darussalam Marshall Islands Singapore
Cambodia Micronesia Solomon Islands
China Mongolia South Korea
Fiji Myanmar Taiwan 
French Polynesia Nauru Thailand
Guam New Caledonia Timor-Leste
Hong Kong New Zealand  Tonga
Indonesia Northern Mariana Islands Tuvalu
Japan North Korea Vanuatu
Kiribati Palau Vietnam
Laos Papua New Guinea

Number of universities in Asia-Pacific region

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The figures in the circles are the number of universities in each country or region; the sizes of the circles are proportionate to the number of universities


How do countries' leading institutions measure up in the Asia-Pacific University Rankings?

How do countries leading institutions measure up in the Asia-Pacific university rankings

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