SDG Impact

Powerful data and analytics to support success in sustainability

THE’s SDG Impact Dashboard provides a vital tool for universities’ sustainability work by providing rich data
on performance & clear insight into best practice from around the world. 

“Using the dashboard to understand best practice, best-in-class programmes and approaches to the
SDGs will help to inform how we move forward in developing our own SDG initiatives.”

Top-ranked Canadian university

Easy to use platform detailing performance of 1,700+ universities across all 17 SDGs

Use the data to guide and inform your institution’s
sustainability strategy, or evaluate your performance
in THE’s Impact Rankings in greater detail.

Access millions of data points across four years
of data, allowing for year-on-year analysis and

Deep dive into the data behind each metric and benchmark performance against other universities around the world

 The platform’s data is based on THE’s Impact Rankings
, which examines millions of data points
across 220 indicator measurements, 105 metrics and
17 SDGs.

Strategic planners will benefit from the user-friendly
benchmarking and competitor analysis tools that can
be customised for both global and domestic regions.

Access to raw data, all public evidence submissions and ability to download data

 Identify possible collaborators and “best in class” and
inform your future sustainability strategies. 

The SDG Impact Dashboard will save your institution
a lot of time and stress from reporting as you can share
a summary report with all of your internal stakeholders
or export the data to input into your own analytics. 

SDG impact

Key features

  • Get access to all the underlying data behind the THE Impact Rankings
  • Understand at a glance how your institution performed globally and domestically
  • Ascertain how individual metrics contributed to your score in each SDG
  • Perform detailed analysis to provide tactical guidance and priorities for improving your ranking
  • Identify the opportunities and threats to your institution’s rankings performance
  • Compare at a glance your institution’s performance against that of others
  • Export the data to use in your own analysis or analytical tools
  • Generate a summary report quickly and easily to share with your internal stakeholders
  • Access raw data and the evaluation of policies and other evidence

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