Towards the virtual physiological human: conference - Brussels, 5-7 November

十月 20, 2006

Brussels, 19 October 2006

This event aims to contribute to the strategic development of a common European approach to the human physiome. It will provide an opportunity for the Community at large to join in the discussions related to that strategy, and to influence the course that the development will ultimately take. The event is organised by "STEP: a Strategy for The EuroPhysiome",a coordination action partially supported by the European Commission. It aims to provide a roadmap to the development of the Virtual Physiological Human, a methodological and technological framework that once established will enable the investigation of the human body as a single complex system. STEP represents a collective European response to the individual actions by creating an integrated framework - EuroPhysiome - which, while remaining true to the overall physiome concept, can accelerate the progress of the European teams by avoiding redundancy, enhancing compatibility and identifying deliverables and time scales.

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