Terms of Reference for a Mandate of a COST Domain Committee in the Field of Food and Agriculture1 (extract)

十月 4, 2006

Brussels, 03 Oct 2006

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Delegations will find attached the "Terms of Reference for a mandate of a COST Domain Committee in the field of Food and Agriculture", as approved by the CSO at its 164th meeting on 29/30 March 2006, and the domain descriptor, as approved by the CSO at its 165th meeting on /28 June 2006 (in Annex 1).

1 This document replaces previous version as set out in doc. COST 238/06.


1. The COST Domain Committee in the field of Food and Agriculture, hereinafter referred to as "the DC"1, is established by the COST Committee of Senior Officials (CSO) for a period of four years as of 1 June 2006.

2. At the end of this period, and on receipt of a report by the DC, the CSO shall decide whether to extend the mandate of the DC for an additional period of time and, in that case, review these Terms of Reference.

3. The CSO may at any time amend these Terms of Reference or terminate the mandate of this DC.

4. The DC will adopt its Rules of Procedure on the basis of the model set out in doc. COST 236/06 or in any new document amending or replacing it.

5. The DC is responsible for general oversight of COST activities within its domain, including the development of strategic initiatives, and, in particular, for the quality assurance of new Action proposals, for monitoring progress of ongoing Actions and for evaluating completed Actions.

6. Within the framework of the COST Continuous Open Call and the two stage submission process, the DC will assess proposals for new COST Actions assigned to its domain. This assessment will be in accordance with the "Guidelines for Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation of COST Actions" in the Vademecum ( http:///www.cost.esf.org/index.php?id=38) . The DC will be responsible for the assessment and selection of preliminary proposals and for implementing quality control, through external peer review, of full proposals and for making recommendations for new Actions to the CSO.


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