Proposed Council Directive on the Supervision and Control of Shipments of Radioactive Waste and Spent Fuel (link)

April 3, 2006

Brussels, 31 Mar 2006

Full text of Document 5058/3/06 Revision 03
Suite of documents 5058/3/06

Procurement - adopted by the EU Defence Ministers in November 2005 - it had already

NOTE from: General Secretariat of the Council to: Delegations No. Cion prop: 5058/06 ATO 1 ENV 7 - COM(2005) 673 final Subject: Proposal for a Council Directive on the supervision and control of shipments of radioactive waste and spent fuel Delegations will find attached: - In Annex A, a revised draft of the above as prepared following discussion at the Working Party on 22 March taking into account the Swedish Proposal on the inclusion of radioactive material for recycling or reuse in square brackets: [bold underline] - In Annex B, a note clarifying the steps leading from the submission of an application to the granting or refusal of the consent for shipment.

New text in bold underline; deletions are marked with strikethrough.


5058/3/06 REV 3 JPD/ab 2

Annex A

Proposal for a


on the supervision and control of shipments of radioactive waste [, radioactive material for recycling or reuse] and spent nuclear fuel


Having regard to the Treaty establishing the European Atomic Energy Community, and in particular Articles 31 (2) and 32 thereof,

Having regard to the proposal from the Commission1 drawn up after obtaining the opinion of a group of persons appointed by the Scientific and Technical Committee from among scientific experts in the Member States, in accordance with Article 31 of the Treaty, and after having consulted the European Economic and Social Committee2,

Having regard to the opinion of the European Parliament3,

Whereas: (p.m. recitals)


Chapter 1 Preliminary provisions

Article 1 Subject matter and scope

1. This Directive lays down a Community system of supervision and control of transboundary shipments of radioactive waste [, radioactive material for recycling or reuse] 4 and spent fuel, so as to guarantee an adequate protection of the population.

1 OJ C , , p. . 2 OJ C , , p. . 3 OJ C , , p. . 4 R ecital: As stated in Council Resolution of 22. May 2002, OJ C 119/9, it is important to minimise the radiological risk deriving from the presence of radioactive materials among metallic materials destined for recycling. Note: Furthermore a Council Statement could invite the Commission to conclude its studies on how to reduce the presence of radioactive materials in imports of metallic materials and


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