Progress in Galileo-GPS negotiations

二月 9, 2004

Brussels, 6 February 2004

On 29-30 January the US and the EU had two intensive days of discussion on a possible cooperation agreement. The atmosphere was constructive. Even though a final agreement could not yet be reached a number of issues were clarified and for the first time the shape of a possible agreement has become visible for the parties.

With regard to the Galileo open signal both sides discussed possible solutions and possibilities to improve the signal further. The US declared again their willingness for a common approach on the basis of a modulation Boc (1,1). The EU responded positively to the idea of a common approach for the open signal, however, an agreement could not yet be achieved on the specific modulation to be used.

Other outstanding questions concerning particularly:

  • The confirmation by the US side that there will be no veto right for the future development of the Galileo signals

  • A guarantee to keep sensitive information relating the PRS confidential

  • The mutual development of national security criteria for satellite navigation

  • The consultation process for radio frequency compatibility of the future military GPS signals

  • A sufficiently strong commitment to non-discrimination in trade.
Both sides will now verify the progress achieved in the discussions and probably need another round of negotiations in the second half of February.

DN: IP/04/173 Date: 06/02/2004

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