Partially public text of Presidency's compromise on specific programme "Cooperation" in ten fields within FP7 (link)

March 17, 2006

Brussels, 16 March 2006

Full text of Document 6624/06
Suite of documents 6624/06

NOTE from: General Secretariat to: Permanent Representatives Committee
No. Cion prop. 136/05 RECH 182 COMPET 198

Subject: Council Decision concerning the Specific Programme "Cooperation" implementing the Seventh Framework Programme (2007-2013) of the European Community for research, technological development and demonstration activities

Delegations will find attached the Presidency compromise text on the Specific Programme "Cooperation". The positions of the delegations are indicated in the footnotes. The main outstanding issues are set out in a separate note (doc. 6659/06 RECH 30 ATO 19 COMPET 26)


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