Off stage, we synchronise chairs

四月 13, 2007

Name: Kate Tuerena

Age: 42

Job: Faculty administration manager, faculty of education at Anglia Ruskin University

Education/ background: I trained as a stage manager and worked in theatre for 12 years before deciding that I wanted a life. I came into university administration about seven years ago as a departmental administrator at Anglia Ruskin, moved to the University of East London for a couple of years and came back to Anglia Ruskin three years ago. People always comment on the dramatic career change, but stage management is about logistics, organisation, troubleshooting, very tight deadlines and strong people skills, so not that much has changed really. I would say my background has stood me in very good stead.

Working hours and conditions: The hours can be long, but my preference is not to stay too late in the office and head home where I can achieve more in the same time.

Staff you manage/work with: We have a team of 17 core faculty administrators, about 60 academic members of staff and mPowerNet, our specialised department offering training for school-based staff. I come into contact with just about everyone in the faculty, which makes for an interesting working life.

Biggest challenge: We are bedding in the changes from a restructuring in 2005-06 and in September implemented a new curriculum and new regulations.

Worst moment in university life: When I was moving to UEL in 2001 we hired a temp until a permanent replacement could be recruited. He arrived on the Monday and I started taking him through all the systems and procedures. At lunchtime he went to get a sandwich and never came back. I've never managed to live that one down.

What your office is like: I share a cramped office with our faculty resources officer. Fortunately we are very good friends, so it doesn't cause any conflict, but we do occasionally clash chairs if we don't negotiate and synchronise first.

What university facilities do you use? I use the gym, but then go and undo all the good work drinking cappuccinos from the refectory.

Do you interact much with other parts of the university? At least 50 per cent of my time is spent working with colleagues outside the faculty. I work closely with admin managers in other faculties, I am the first point of contact for many of our support services and the faculty's voice on steering and working groups.



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