New on CORDIS: FP6 projects looking for additional partners through 'competitive calls'

三月 18, 2005

Brussels, 17 Mar 2005

CORDIS (Community Research and Development Information Service), the EU's official information service on research and innovation, has now added calls for new contractors to join up-and-running projects to its range of information and services to assist participation in the EU's Sixth Framework Programme (FP6).

FP6 includes new instruments for research funding known as Integrated Projects (IPs) and Networks of Excellence (NoEs). During their negotiation with the Commission, these projects may reserve a portion of their budget for tasks to be carried out by a new contractor or contractors, to join the consortium at a later date.

The project consortium then selects new partners from proposals submitted in response to a 'competitive call'. For organisations interested in joining ongoing FP6 projects, the competitive call announcements are now published on CORDIS, with a link to the website of the project. The project consortium publishes all necessary documentation and background information on their website.

A new page with information on open competitive calls is now available on the CORDIS FP6 service, and is accessible via both the 'Find a project' and 'Find a call' pages. Depending on the preference of the project consortium, it is also possible to use the online tool, EPSS, for preparing and submitting a proposal electronically, accessible from the project website.

CORDIS has already published guidance notes designed to assist project coordinators of Integrated Projects and Networks of Excellence in preparing and launching competitive calls. Information on open competitive calls is available at: http:/// l.h tm

The guidance documents for project coordinators are available at: http:/// doc.htm#co mpetitive

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