Management Accounting and Knowledge Management

Deadline: 31/01/2001

十月 26, 2000

CIMA invites research proposals on management accounting and knowledge management. All organisations have accumulated a stock of corporate knowledge and face the issues of managing and controlling it.

Some of the topics that a research project on knowledge management might address include: the valuation of knowledge generated by the company; pricing knowledge-based outputs; planning and forecasting the knowledge base of an organisation; techniques for exploiting the knowledge-base of an organisation; the make or buy decision with respect to knowledge; impounding an allowance for the costs and benefits of knowledge into all the decision making procedures of the organisation; the knowledge base and risk.

The maximum funding for any individual project is £40,000. Application forms can be obtained from Kelly Bint, PA/Administrator, on 020 7917 9220. Questions should be directed to Danka Starovic, Acting Research and Development Manager on 020 7969 3342.
Contact: Kelly Bint, PA/Administrator
Telephone: 020 7917 9220



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