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六月 27, 2001

Police kill four students in Papau New Guinea
Police in Papua New Guinea fired on students on the main university campus in Port Moresby early yesterday, killing at least four and injuring 24, 11 critically. University of Papua New Guinea vice-chancellor Les Easpcopp said police had been told they were not welcome on campus. The shootings followed a five-day occupation of the prime minister's offices in protest against privatisation.

Italy refused lecturers' rights, court says
Italy discriminated against foreign-language lecturers at universities by failing to recognise their acquired rights "when such rights are guaranteed to all Italian national workers”, the European Court of Justice ruled yesterday. The European Commission, which represented the lecturers and was supported by the United Kingdom, was awarded full expenses.

Publications land Iranian students in jail
Two Iranian student journalists have been jailed and 15 others have been summoned to the local media court for articles in Yazd University's students’ magazine, which was banned after Islamic groups complained. Media courts have suspended more than 30 reformist publications in the year preceding this month's elections. A group of former Iranian MPs has published an open letter to the judiciary chief criticising the arrests of dozens of intellectuals on charges of subversion.

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