Lancaster to set up shop in China

Lancaster University has announced plans to collaborate with Guangdong University of Foreign Studies to build a new university campus in Guangzhou, China.

十一月 1, 2011

An investor, to be appointed by Guangdong and approved by Lancaster, will cover the set-up and initial operating costs, with expenses subsequently being covered by a combination of government funding, tuition fees and third-party investment.

The new campus, which will be known as Guangwai-Lancaster University, will initially offer courses in a number of language- and business/economics-related disciplines, followed by life science and engineering courses in the second year, and later humanities and social sciences.

Once all subjects have been introduced, the number of students is expected to reach 8,000 to 10,000.

The curriculum and teaching methods are to follow those of Lancaster, allowing Guangwai-Lancaster students the opportunity to spend part of their studies in, or permanently transfer to, the Lancaster campus.

Paul Wellings, Lancaster’s vice-chancellor, said the partnership would “enhance the exchange and cooperation in teaching and academic research between [Guangdong] and Lancaster, and attract Guangwai-Lancaster University students for further study at Lancaster”.

The announcement follows plans unveiled this summer for close collaboration between Lancaster and the University of Liverpool, which plan to form a federal structure resembling that of the University of California.

Lancaster’s existing overseas interests include a partnership with the GD Goenka World Institute in New Delhi.

By establishing the new campus in Guangzhou, Lancaster will join other UK universities such as Liverpool and Nottingham which already have bases in China.



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